Young Thug: ‘Slime Season Three’

April 1, 2016


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300 Entertainment /ATL

300 Entertainment /ATL



Young Thug, the Atlanta rapper known for his almost outrageous personality, has done something with his new album, only Young Thug would do.



Introducing the release date of his neweest album “Slime Season 3” with a funeral, Thug has shown the hip-hop commnity he is different and will constantly bring new music to the table in his own way.



The eight-track debut album is the third and final part of Thug’s Slime Season mixtapes.



He begins his album with an upbeat song “With Them,” one Thug debuted at Kanye West’s “Life of Pablo” listening party.



Thug stays true to his signature style of yelps and yells, which makes his music interesting and unique.



The album peaks in the fourth track “Slime Shit,” which features numerous artists Yak Gatti, Duke and Peewee Roscoe.



The following track, “Digits,” is one of the more popular songs on the album only solidifies the cohesiveness of the album.  It is a fast paced song highlighting Thug’s vocals as he talks about his lifestyle and philosophy.



The lyrics and main chorus reinforces how he goes through life as he says, “real hustlers don’t stop, they keep going/ You can lose your life but it gon keep going/Why not risk life when it’s gonna keep going?/ When you die somebody else was born/ But at least we got to say we ran up them digits, we ran up some money.”



The seventh track, “Worth It,” is a softer love song but still works well with the cohesive theme of the album; it just shows a different side of Young Thug and also serves as a bit of a break from the overall upbeat feel as Thug says,“damn I broke her heart, now my heart hurts.”



This songs proves Young Thug’s versatility and how all of his songs don’t have to represent a gangster mentality for him to be successful.



One of the best songs on the track, “Drippin’,” is a constantly up-tempo song, with heavy bass and highlights his signature  style, because this is what makes his music so good, he adds these quirks where everyone knows it’s Young Thug’s song.



He has received numerous praise in the rap community for his music and gained respect from artists like Kanye West who recently tweeted, “Young Thug is super inspiring to me, amazing artist.”



Young Thug seems to have made this album as the end of an ongoing project but also introducing the new life of his music.



He has been known to be one of the world’s most diverse rappers, because he is just different and has a style that can only be traced back to Young Thug.



If anyone else were to attempt what Young Thug has done both musically and through his overall style, they would simply fall short.



He’s done something different within the rap community which will always be signature to him and this album and the entire Slime Series is only proof of this.



“Slime Season Three” ended the series well and introduced a new era of Thug we should be excited to see.




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