Why do you even care?

January 30, 2014




Cody Sexton
Entertainment Editor


Homosexuality is so frequently discussed these days I am beginning to think of myself as something of a celebrity. As a gay man, I feel like I am part of a club everyone is talking about.


The other day I overheard two men discussing the matter, saying just because it is found in over 200 other species, homosexuality is still not natural for humans.


For the record, they took that argument out of context. It is only used whenever someone says homosexuality is not natural.


While I did not say anything to them, I was bothered. I was not offended. I am used to the southern mentality. I was bothered that two straight men would take the time to discuss something that has nothing to do with them.


Often the reason has something to do with religion and some people see themselves as warriors for Christ when really all they do is give me a headache. I am not religious, but I am certain gossiping and judging is against the rules.


I never did understand the thought process of the religious who focus on the supposed sins of others to distract themselves from their own sins.


One would also think a group of people who came to America searching for religious freedom and to escape persecution in Europe would have more sympathy for others who are being persecuted and not turn it into a witch hunt. I am not comparing gays to witches (though after this season of “American Horror Story: Coven” I would not hate it.)


If for no other reason, people should at least think about the children. Gay teens are four times more likely to commit suicide.


Over the summer, I had the opportunity to go home to Seattle: a utopian society, where pot is legal, Starbucks flows in abundance and people do not care about who loves whom. Gay rights are a non-issue up there, and that is how I was always raised to see it.


Why do straight people even care? There is no “gay agenda.” We are not in cahoots with the Illuminati to bring about a fabulous new world order. And we certainly do not recruit people to join the gay community. We leave recruitment to the religious. The only way to fix the “problem” is to treat it like the non-issue it is.


If the people opposed to gay rights are tired of hearing about them, they can only imagine how we feel about it.


Cody Sexton is a senior journalism major from Bossier City who serves as entertainment editor for The Tech Talk. Email comments to cls068@latech.edu.


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