What should Homecoming mean to students?

November 5, 2017

Homecoming is upon us at Louisiana Tech. It is time for tailgates, activities and a hyped-up football game. More importantly, it is a time for alumni to return home to their alma mater and revisit the place that made them who they are today.


For returning alumni, this is a time of remembrance of the good old days and a respite from their adult life. For current students of Louisiana Tech, this time seems focused on electing the Homecoming court, participating in the week’s festivities and, most importantly, the football game. But it should mean more, right?


This is a time meant for remembering the Tech of old, but it is in the opinion of The Tech Talk that students should use this time to think about the Tech of the now and the Tech of the future.


As you spend your Homecoming week planning how to tailgate or what Homecoming week activities to go to, spend some extra time thinking about how you can make Tech a better place for both yourself and others.


Before or during our freshman year, we are all told the tenets of Tech: confidence, excellence, commitment, knowledge, integrity, respect, leadership, loyalty, enthusiasm, caring, hope and pride.


This Homecoming week, meditate on those tenets and what it means to be a Tech Bulldog. We students are the driving force of this college. Without us, there would be no Tech. Each of us hold the responsibility to do what we can to better our campus and the Ruston community whether that be through volunteer work, hard work in the classroom, giving it your best in life or even just being kind and courteous to your fellow students.


In the wise words of “High School Musical,” “we’re all in this together,” so we should think about how our actions and words impact the way others look at this university. That thoughtfulness should stand for now and 20 years from now. What we do with ourselves both now and in the future tells of the type of people this college creates.


Even if you become the next Silicon Valley mogul or major star, you can still be kind and caring. Whether it’s for yourself, your country or your alma mater, you can always show pride. Whether you become a star or nurse, you can always strive for excellence. Even in the worst of times, you can always hope. No matter where you are in your life you can always give your best, even now.


When we present our best to the world, the world will come to know of the nobleness and goodness that comes out of Tech. That thought should go with you even as you graduate and one day return for your own Homecoming as an alum of this university.


Always strive to be the Bulldog you wish to see in the world.


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