What is a Finsta?

April 12, 2018



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Does your mom follow you on Instagram? Cool, great, she seems like a nice lady. Do you ever want to post something without her seeing? Something more permanent than a Snap, less fleeting than a story, an image or video that steadfastly endures until you say it shan’t anymore? Post it on your Finsta.“My what?” you ask. “I don’t have an aquatic appendage.”


Dear reader, a Finsta is a separate, private Instagram account created in effort to express oneself more earnestly. This is where one’s posts can more aptly represent the true, unfiltered versions of oneself, free from the haughty eyes of those followers from middle school you have not spoken a word to in at least five years, but who occasionally still acknowledge your existence with a double-tap.


Reader, you are probably already aware of these fake-instas, or spam, accounts; you probably administrate one yourself. The number of millennials and Gen Zers who operate these pages is vast and ever-growing  as more and more of our parents and grandparents migrate from Zuckerberg territory into another Zuckerberg territory. Yeah, he owns Instagram too.


I, like many, am an owner of a Finsta page. My username is the title of a delicious fruit and dairy beverage and pretty foolproof in terms of pixelated covertness. On this account, I basically lay out a virtual welcome mat, the words “in this house we recognize the immense talent of Yodeling Walmart Boy” emblazoned across whatever that straw-like material it is of which doormats are made.


This page is full of reposted memes and peculiar yet poignant photos that only my very closest pals and some cool-looking strangers are capable of viewing. It is a space that I curate to reflect the person I am when I am not attempting to please anyone, a space in which I have complete and utter control over the witnesses to the content I create.


Of course, I could attain this same power by simply modifying my public Instagram account to a private one and sorting out the unwanted observers, but in a culture that is progressively web-minded, I think our generation collectively feels a responsibility to manage mild, level-headed social media personas available for the viewing of our cousins and for those people in our group projects.


If you do not run one of these pages, you may be thinking, “Why can’t you just be yourself all of the time? You’re a poser.”


Reader, I understand this. It is odd, but think of it like this  if you will: it is fourth grade, and you show up to recess with your Lisa Frank journal so you can show your bffs Zoe and Jessica the beautiful poem you wrote about your collective classmate crush last night. They love it. A Finsta is just the same, but we are grown-ups, and instead of a handwritten, heartfelt piece of literature, it is a customized Patrick Star meme.


Destin Shimer is a sophomore theatre and political science major from Shreveport who serves as a staff reporter for The Tech Talk.


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