We’re all in this together

March 24, 2016


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It’s difficult to know how you’re supposed to feel about anything in college. From your parents, to friends, to professors to popular media, it can seem like a thousand different messages are being hurled at you about what you need to be doing and how you need to be feeling at this point in your life.

I often read startling statistics and hear horror stories of the treacherous sea that is today’s job market and start panicking. Am I doing everything I need to do to be able to secure a job or admittance to grad uate school after college? Will my resume be good enough? Have I applied for the right internships?

The anxiety only gets worse the more I research job prospects, and I think of all the people my age who have been resume building since they were in middle school, the ones who have been accepted into all the most prestigious programs, the ones whose parents have all the right connections; they have every leg up.

I will be competing with those people as soon as we graduate for jobs that seem increasingly hard to find, and I can’t get over the feeling that I’m not doing enough to prepare.

However, my mother recently imparted some wisdom upon me that helps me through these bouts of anxiety.

She said, “No matter what you do, at this point in your life, you are not going to feel like you have your shit together. That’s not how young adulthood works.”

The more I think about this, the more I agree with her. We are all new at independence, or at least partial independence, and none of us really have any clue what we’re doing. At least, I like to think it isn’t just me.

There is a strange comfort in knowing that the rest of your peers are probably just as freaked out about the future as you are. Even those that are involved in everything and seem to have it all together probably worry about the future almost as much as you do.

Even if our fears about the job market and adulthood are warranted, there is something nice about knowing we are all in it together, instead of thinking of it as a competition between peers.


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