Weighing the options

February 21, 2013



Molly Bowman


As a woman, there is a significant amount of pressure to be attractive at all times.


We spend extra time in the morning to apply that additional layer of mascara or try to straighten out that one wave in our hair.


Some women even go to the extent of waking up hours before it is necessary to primp themselves for the day.

We dress for ourselves, school, work and even other people.


We should initially be dressing for ourselves, but there’s always that thought running through the back of our minds to where we have to look better than others, especially if we plan on bumping into someone we want to impress.


When I dress well for myself, I usually feel more confident and I am in a better mood knowing that I made an effort while getting ready that morning. But, sometimes it has the opposite affect.


This happens when I receive compliments from other people.


Yes, it’s all fun and games when someone compliments you on looking nice. But, when you take a step back and evaluate who is giving the compliment, it can be a different story.


If you see someone every day and they compliment you on looking nice, you can bet it is a backhanded compliment most of the time.


I will still accept the compliment and give my thanks for the acknowledgement but it is still a little disconcerting.


“So wait, you’re really telling me when I don’t dress like this every other day I don’t look appealing? How sweet of you to notice.”


Then there are those girls you secretly dislike because they look cute and groomed every day.


Either appearances are a priority for them and they lose a lot of sleep to look good, or, they have no lives. I always tell myself it’s the latter.


I kind of smile to myself hoping that I got at least 45 minutes more of sleep than they did.


Appearances have become an important part of how we are individually viewed by society and by our peers. It has the potential to make us or break us in some aspects of life. But at what costs –– occasionally our schoolwork.


There are opportunity costs when it comes to appearances. Sometimes you might have to sacrifice your grade a little bit for some self-confidence.


There are those days when looking good trumps all, when you know that boy you like is in your class or there is a girl you have to one-up.


You have to look good and there is that looming fear of being seen with no makeup at all and the bags under your eyes are big enough to pack for Europe.


This fear alone will make me get up five minutes earlier to at least apply some mascara, even if it means five minutes less of studying.


I mean, have you seen Kim Kardashian without makeup? She looks like the walking dead when the rare photos of her with no makeup surface. No one should have to be in that situation.


Then there are those days- where you would rather sleep 10 more minutes than look presentable in class or you need those extra 15 minutes to go over one more page of notes.


Are you really going to regret looking a little disheveled one day in class rather than getting that ‘A’ on a test? An extra 15 minutes of studying can be a game changer if you are looking at the material for the first time in weeks.


It’s clearly best to allocate your time to where you can look decent and do well in class every day but we all know some times things don’t go as planned.


There comes a time when we all must choose. May the odds be ever in your favor.


Molly Bowman is a junior journalism major from Shreveport who serves as editor for The Tech Talk. Email comments to mmb041@latech.edu.


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