We need to stop limiting artistic expression

May 5, 2016


Entertainment editor|emo012@latech.edu





Art is a baseline for our society and takes on many forms, being a visual and verbal expression of our culture.



Whether it is photography, poetry, graphic design, music or any other kind of medium, art is essential to human life.



We thrive off of it, relate to one another through it and express ourselves.



Art should be appreciated and encouraged, and no one should be turned away or degraded if they have something to share.



Everyone has the ability to be artistic. The media has torn apart artists and musicians for things they have done.



A recent example of this this has been focused on Beyonce and her new visual album “Lemonade.”



This album was definitely different and made a statement, but showcased the talent this artists has on both the lyrical and visual aspect.



But many did not recognize this.



Torn apart for making a statement and displaying her emotions is artistic discrimination.



She is an artist expressing her opinion, sharing her experiences and addressing issues doing so through her music and visual representations.



Degrading artists and musicians for being bold enough to share their emotions with the entire world is wrong.



If more people had the opportunity to tell the world how they felt, they would do so. Artists are just taking the same option, but because they have a pedestal for all to see, they are subject to more criticism.



Art has evolved and changed a lot, but this is what makes it a truly beautiful concept. It’s truly amazing how we are able to see and hear art and music from past generations and generations after us will be able to do the same.



History is displayed through art; stories are told and lives are shared.



The art world is open and accepting, and should remain so because this is how we establish intimate human contact whether if it is through a lens, paper, paintbrush, guitar or vocal cords.



Everyone does not necessarily have to like all of it, but everyone should be respected and appreciated in their efforts to express themselves through these outlets.


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