Wait, its been four years?

May 16, 2014



Allison East
News Editor

They are what I have studied for the last two years, and they are what I have struggled so hard to find in the last few weeks.

Leaving Louisiana Tech is something I never thought about. From the long nights of orientation 2012 — shout out to my staff, especially my dance partner Carlton Gray — to my days spent doing way too many Union Board dorm storms, I focused on making the most of my time here, and I will always remember the ups and downs of my walk through Tech.

Along that walk, I have been extremely lucky to have some of the best people in the world beside me.

As a freshman and sophomore, wandering down the halls of GTM and stumbling into the office of Dave Anderson and Rick Simmons changed my life and steered me on an amazing path.

Dave, you have pushed me more than anyone else not to settle and to believe I can do anything I want.

Dr. Simmons, from all our office chats to the time I accidentally and awkwardly told a room full of people I would put you in a Tech time capsule, I have more memories with you than I have with any other university employee. I could write my entire column about you, but that mushy stuff is not for us.

After two years of learning from those two, I branched out a little more. I was not sure where I wanted to go with my life, but I ended up in the basement of Keeny Hall.

It started with watching. Each Wednesday night of my sophomore spring quarter, I would turn on a lame Netflix show while Austin wrote away to meet his Thursday Tech Talk deadline. I never watched any of the many shows I put on.

Instead, I watched him write. And I guess somehow what he did sunk in, because when he needed someone to fix a story the following summer, I stepped in, joined the staff and kept writing. The Tech Talk — once my mortal enemy — became a huge part of my life.

The journalism department, both staff and students, took me in like I had belonged there all along. The professors made me feel valued and helped me understand the profession and its rules and style. The students stayed up with me, laughed with me, challenged me and became a bigger part of my life than I ever could have imagined.

Kaleb, thank you for being so understanding of me never meeting deadline and always laying out my page on Tuesday.

Hannah, thank you for teaching me to always attribute after the first sentence.

Austin, thank you for introducing me to journalism. Thank you for always telling me when my stuff is bad, for laying out my page every time I was on the verge of a mental breakdown, for being all that you are in my life and for watching me. The tables have turned now. As you watch me write this column like I used to watch you, I am so glad we went through this journey together.

And thank you, Louisiana Tech. You have given me more opportunities than I have ever deserved and taught me more lessons than I can ever remember.


They cannot begin to explain.

Allison East is a senior journalism and history major from Vicksburg who serves as news editor for The Tech Talk. Email comments to ace007@latech.edu.


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