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October 3, 2013
Zach Voss assists freshman Luke Albritton in Vizual Edge training. – Photo by Deepanjan Mukhopadhyay

Zach Voss assists freshman Luke Albritton in Vizual Edge training. – Photo by Deepanjan Mukhopadhyay



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This is the third entry of a series looking into the many different career paths of former Louisiana Tech University athletes.


Student athletes are hard-working, dedicated individuals, and when it comes to Zach Voss, it is no different.


Voss is a graduate student in sports performance at Louisiana Tech.


During his undergraduate studies, he lettered twice for the linebacker corps of the football team.


Voss said after his football career he felt he had more time to commit to school.


“After my football career ended, I found that I had more time to dedicate to my school,” Voss said. “That is what I decided to do and it has paid off.”


Voss said his plans are to graduate and further a career in his major.


“My current plans are to finish up my master’s in the winter quarter,” Voss said. “After, I plan on pursuing either more school or a job somewhere in the sports performance, strength and conditioning field.”


Voss said what he wants to be in life is not a millionaire, but to make an impact on others.


“My ultimate goal is just to be as impactful as possible with other people wherever I end up,” Voss said.


He said he worked with the Minnesota Twins baseball team this summer and found a program that allows athletes to improve their vision.


“When I worked for the Minnesota Twins this summer, I noticed that their athletes used vision training to improve that aspect of their game,” Voss said. “This made it easier to buy into this program for our players when [Tech kinesiology professor Dr. David] Szymanski told me we were doing it.”


Voss said the players are taking the program seriously on and off the field.


“The players are busting their butts on and off the field in this off-season preparing for the upcoming season,” Voss said. “We think that their vision is something that needs to go right along with a proper training system.”


Voss said the program is used strictly for visual purposes but feels it will improve athlete’s vision on the field as well as their overall athletic ability.


“Vizual Edge is a system with the objective of testing, training, and improving athlete’s visual skill levels,” Voss said. “Vizual Edge calls their system ‘Weight Training for the Eyes’ to improve your game.”


Vizual Edge is used in over 10 different sports across the country.


Voss said he and his colleagues are hoping for improvement in the athlete’s vision this year.


“With the help of Dr. Szymanski and fellow graduate student Thaddeus Light, we are hoping that specific areas of the player’s vision will improve from the vision training,” Voss said. “Some of those areas include depth perception, recognition and tracking but all of those areas are huge in the game of baseball, at the plate and in the field.”


Voss said his dedication for his career comes from his athletic mindset.


“I have always been a motivated student and person,” Voss said. “I feel that always came from my athletic background, and I am proud to have given effort to both school and athletics.”


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