Untitled unmastered

March 24, 2016


Aftermath/ Interscope (Top Dawg Entertainment)

Aftermath/ Interscope (Top Dawg Entertainment)

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In recent years Kendrick Lamar has shown just how talented he is and with his newest eight track mix tape “Untitled Unmastered,” the Compton rapper has given us a taste of a newer Lamar while also reflecting on sounds from previous albums.

While this album is more about Lamar’s inner struggles, but he also has a lot of fun in it as well.

His newest album is well made, with great synchronization of vocals, instrumentals, beats and lyrics.

An interesting thing about this album is how Lamar chose to produce it with none of his songs having any title tracks, just the names untitled followed by an exact date or year.

This could be Lamar’s way of showing how albums can still hold a theme and song can transition and link, without containing descriptive titles.

Lamar has always been a bold artist who is not afraid to be blunt and outspoken and maybe this is his way of saying he can still do so solely though the music he produces.

While the album could be viewed as slightly overly sexual and vulgar as the first track “Untitled 01|08. 19. 2014” opens the albums with a vivid sexual encounter; this is only part of Llamar’s style and how blunt and real he is but not in an unartistic way.

After coming up from his most recent album, “To Pimp A Butterfly,” which was a more personal album about Lamar growing up and events surrounding his upbringing. “Unititled Unmastered,” also stems from these personal aspects in a different way.

It is also personal but from a different perspective getting into the mindset of Lamar. It is more about him and his inner thoughts rather than past events that have effected him. The songs on his album all have various different sounds but flow well together,

“Untitled 06| 06.30.2014” is more jazzy and romantic. “Untitled 02 |06.23. 2014” is more intense with lyrics chanting “Get God on the phone”  throughout the song and “stuck in the belly of the beast”  holding a slow, but deep heavy beat.

Overall the album is catchy and as always a reflection of Lamars artistic ability.


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