Union Board Spring budget examined

April 26, 2012


Staff Reporter


After Union Board’s spring concert, “Don’t Trust Me” resonated in many students’ minds as more than just the title of the second single released by headlining band, 3OH!3.


Union Board budgeted $80,000 for its annual spring concert, which featured bands Shayliff, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and 3OH!3. Union Board President Jeff Boudreaux estimated less than 7 percent of Tech’s student body was in attendance.


Jason Greer, a College of Business senator in the Student Government Association, said he is familiar with controlling student-allocated funds because SGA and Union Board use similar strategies.


“Every time we have a bill that comes to vote, we have to step back and attempt to justify if we can spend the students’ money flat out,” he said. “We have to decide if enough of the student body will benefit per dollar spent.”


An event such as the spring concert has the potential to attract a much larger percentage of students, Greer said.


Greer said with an event of this stature, he does not quite understand where each portion of the budget went.


“I don’t believe Union Board can rationalize the large amount they spent on their biggest event, spring concert, in terms of attendance,” Greer said.


Bryan Babcock, a senior speech major, said he would like to see Union Board put forth more effort to find out what students want and what is going to benefit them.


“It’s a student-driven organization, and they’re here to make decisions for the students,” he said.


Union Board does what they want as an organization and not necessarily what the students want, Babcock said.


“I would like to see Union Board venture out from that and do a poll or maybe a survey to get what students would actually want to see,” he said.


Jeff Boudreaux, president of Union Board, said Union Board’s funding comes solely from a student assessment fee, which charges full-time undergraduate students $10 per quarter. Other students are charged an amount based on the number of hours they take.


Boudreaux said approximately 1,200 people attended the concert with roughly two-thirds being Tech students.


Compared to other universities like Louisiana State University and the University of Louisiana at Monroe, Union Board’s budget is very limited, he said.


“After speaking with the president of ULM’s CAB (Campus Activities Board), their organization has a budget of $400,000 each year,” Boudreaux said. “One can only imagine the budget of LSU’s related organization.”


Union Board is faced with the difficult task of providing entertainment to a very diverse student body, he said.


“The quality and diversity of the programming that we sponsored this year has been collectively the best compared to that of recent years,” Boudreaux said.


In this manner, Union Board aims to appeal to the largest variety of students possible, he said.


“Our history of sponsoring diverse entertainment throughout the year in addition to the fall and spring concerts creates an overall well-balanced collection of programming,” Boudreaux said.


As a result, he said, Union Board cycles through multiple genres in order to cater to the interests of most students.


“It is impossible,” Boudreaux said, “to please every student with one concert.”


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