Union Board presents magician Mike Super

February 4, 2016



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Magician Mike Super brought a magical experience to Louisiana Tech as he wowed the crowd with different illusions.


Super showcased his talent Jan. 26 in the Tonk and the event was put together by Union Board.

Magician Mike Super burns a cloth voodoo doll an attempt to make his student participant feel the touch and heat–Photos by Jonathan  Shaul

Magician Mike Super burns a cloth voodoo doll an attempt to make his student participant feel the touch and heat–Photos by Jonathan Shaul


Super said he started magic when he saw a magician at Disney World when he was only 6 years old.


The man doing tricks at the amusement park piqued his interest and he has loved magic ever since.


“I went to college for computer science, but I was already touring, and I was making more in magic than I was in computer science so I had to follow my passion, which was great,” Super said.


Super has toured the United States and Canada doing magic and was also the winner of the show “Phenomenon.”


Super said life as a magician is interesting because he gets invited to many events but usually not as a guest, but mostly as an entertainer.


“With music, they want to hear all the old stuff they know; with magic it’s always something new, so I’m always trying to create new stuff,” Super said.


He also said he hopes his show can just rejuvenate people and show them a good time with his tricks.


“Here’s my hope: I don’t know if this is the case, but my hope is that whether you’re in school struggling with grades, or having a bad day that even if it’s only for an hour, they can forget their problems and everyone can bond together by being amazed,” Super said.


Super said his job is to make sure his audience had a good time.


He knows he has accomplished his job when sometimes people will tell him after a show how they have not seen their friend or family member joyful in a while or as joyful as during his show.


Super has won many awards for his talent such as Entertainer of the Year by Campus Activities Magazine along with Best Male Entertainer and Best Performing Artist.


Lauren Telano, a junior biology major, said she thinks events like the magic show bring people together, give students a break from school and something different to do.


“I thought it was very cool, but kinda freaky,” Telano said.


She also said she enjoyed herself and events like the magic show should keep happening.


Seong Park, a senior accounting major, said the magic show was crazy and with Super being on “America’s Got Talent” helped bring more attention to the show, which made the event successful.


“I thought it was awesome, it blew my mind. I’ve never seen that kind of magic show before,” Park said.


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