Union Board hosts Trivia Night

February 5, 2017


Four contestants face off in a battle to see who moves on to the final four of Trivia Night. – Photo by Danny Do

Morgan Bernard
Staff Reporter | mrb056@latech.edu


Louisiana Tech students were on the edge of their seats Jan. 26, as they competed in Union Board’s ThinkFast trivia night.


The trivia competition consisted of timed questions, dance contests and more which students competed in for a chance to win a $200 cash prize.


Melanie Wascom, an accounting master student, was the winner of the ThinkFast trivia night and said she was surprised by her win.


“At the beginning of the night, I definitely did not think that I would get to the finals let alone win,” Wascom said. “As the night went on I kind of realized I had a pretty good shot, but the other players were really good too.”


Wascom said she and her roommates were excited over her win and she is already thinking about what to do with her cash prize.


“I have not decided what to do with the money yet, but with being a typical broke college student, it will definitely be useful,” she said.


Johnna Hartzog, Union Board vice president, said they chose to host a trivia night because of its previous success on campus.


“We did a trivia night last year in Tolliver that was a big hit, but we had a problem with not having enough space for everyone,” Hartzog said. “Since it did not go as we had planned last year, we decided to try again in the TONK and it looks like we have a pretty good turnout.”


Hartzog said her favorite aspect of the trivia contest is that anyone can play and have fun with the game.


“I was excited about it because everyone has random knowledge and things they know, and this is a chance to use that information,” she said. “The categories are on celebrities, movies, music and a bunch of other random things so there is something for everyone to be involved.”


Hartzog said she was pleased by the turnout of the event and looks forward to more UB events in the future.


“We were hoping for more people than last year’s trivia night, but I had no idea this many would come,” she said. “As a social organization, UB’s purpose is to get Tech’s student body involved with on-campus activities. Seeing this many people come to one of our events is pretty awesome, so now I am ready to see how our other events this year turn out.”


Brittica Reed, a sophomore biology major, said she enjoyed the Thinkfast competition.


“I came with my roommates just to see what the trivia night would be like and we had a blast,” Reed said. “My favorite part was watching other students participate in the dancing and singing competitions within the game.”


Reed said she believed the event was a great way for students to become more involved with campus and each other.


“I love events like this on campus because it gives us the chance to meet new people and do something different,” she said. “We were competing against each other in teams for the trivia challenges so it was intense at times, but everyone was laughing, chatting and having a great time.”


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