Union Board hosts trivia game night

April 14, 2016


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Yorel Baker (left) and Dylan Whitlock (right) answer a trivia question together. Photo by Avery Bryan

Yorel Baker (left) and Dylan Whitlock (right) answer a trivia question together. Photo by Avery Bryan


When Louisiana Tech freshman Will Gibson woke up April 5, he was not aware he would be going to bed that night with an extra $200 dollars in his pocket.



Thanks to a one-hour event in Tolliver Hall,  however, he did just that.



On April 5, Union Board held a trivia game for students called Think Fast, in which 61 teams participated. The winner took home a grand total of $200.



Gibson, a biology major, competed as a one-man team he called “Cabbies.” He finished the game with over 118,000 points.



“I’ve always loved competing in trivia events,” Gibson said. “I came to see how I did, I didn’t think I’d win.”



The event was hosted by TJohnE Productions, a production company which brings educational and interactive entertainment to college campuses.



The trivia consisted of a series of questions ranging from topics such as sports, music, TV, movies, celebrities, and pop icons, as well as academic topics such as art, literature, science, math, geography, and history.



The questions were posed in several styles, including multiple choice, think faster, extra-sensory perception, music video, and “pay attention.” Once asked, each team would dial in a number on the remote given to their team.



Johnny C., the producer and master of ceremonies said, “It’s educational and very entertaining, it’s great for students. Why not get out and win some money?”



Throughout the game, students were also given the chance to impress their peers with their dance moves and singing skills in a contestant judged competition.



Lane Robertson, head of the special events committee said Think Fast is the newest addition to the list of functions Union Board organizes throughout the year. Students can look forward to a concert this April and a movie night in May.



“Special events like these get a lot of people, the people who wouldn’t usually go to events, included,” Roberston said.



Robertson said these events go beyond just getting students involved, they also serve as a quick and easy way for students to make friends.



“If you’re a freshman living in a dorm and all you do is go to class, you’re going to go insane,” he said. “With games like Trivia Night in Tolliver, you can join anybody’s team, and there you go, you just made a friend without trying.”



Gibson said he feels the game did just that.



“Trivia Night gave the university a sense of community,” he said.“Without it, no one would get out of their dorm room.”


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