Union Board hosts annual Spring Fling

May 17, 2018


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The event not only included a Ferris wheel and Midway games, but also live music from local band Alive by Sunrise and Chiddy Bang (above). – Photo by Autumn Manry


Though it’s not quite summer yet, no one who attended Spring Fling on Mitchell field seemed to notice.
Students who attended gathered to enjoy live music, ride a Ferris wheel, swing on a chair swing, play Midway games, and devour crawfish, popcorn and popsicles.


Union Board held 2018 Spring Fling on Thursday, May 3. The event lasted from 5-9 p.m.


Gerald Longmire, a junior business major, said he especially enjoyed the food provided by Union Board. He said all aspects of Spring Fling were enjoyable.


“Crawfish: good. Fish: good. Popcorn: pretty good,” Longmire said. “This is my first Spring Fling ever, so I can say without a doubt that this is my favorite one yet.”


His only complaint was the length of the lines for the rides, but he understood the appeal of the attractions.


“You know, everyone loves a Ferris wheel,” Longmire said. “We are all basically just a bunch of big kids, even though we’re in college pretending to be adults. No one will ever turn down a free Ferris wheel and a popsicle on a hot day.”


Gabby Thompson, a member of Union Board, said the event had a high turnout because of the work UB did beforehand, which made labor on the day of the event less tedious.


She said UB made sure to be very vocal concerning the event on social media, since that is where most students receive their news and learn about school events.


“In the weeks leading up to the event, the Board did lots of publicity in the plaza and on social media,” Thompson said. “The day of the event, it was just a matter of making sure everything was set up and the bands were sound checked.”


Thompson said a reason for the high turnout may have been the buzz around the musical guests.


Alive By Sunrise, led by recent American Idol contestant Cameron Theodos, kicked off the event.


“Alive by Sunrise started us off with some excellent music that really set the atmosphere,” Thompson said. “Then, Austin Plaine continued, and we finished off with a literal bang–Chiddy Bang.”


The massive student turnout was anticipated by UB earlier in the year, prompting the location move from Tolliver’s parking lot to the more spacious Mitchell field, where there was adequate space for the midway games and rides, and ample room for the assumed lines.


Thompson said UB is prepared for an even bigger turnout next year, considering this year’s crowd size.


“The students were able to come in and enjoy the event starting at five. By 6:30, every single one of our t-shirts were sold out,” Thompson said. “All in all, it was an excellent event.”


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