Union Board brings ‘The Asia Project’ to Tech

May 5, 2016


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Asia Samson of The Asia Project performs a spoken word poem he wrote. Photo by Avery Bryan

Asia Samson of The Asia Project performs a spoken word poem he wrote. Photo by Avery Bryan


Louisiana Tech’s Union Board are known for hosting several events all year such as, Tech the Halls, Rus Vegas, movies nights and even bingo, but now it has added a spoken word poetry to its list.



Union Board hosted the event on Tuesday, April 26 in the Tonk where Asia Samson of ‘The Asia Project’ performed his  spoken word poetry about his life experiences. ‘The Asia Project’ consists of the artist, Asia, and his brother-in-law, Jollan Aurelio, who plays the guitar. However, due to scheduling conflicts, Samson had to perform on stage by himself.



Sam Hussein, Union Board president, said when he and other Union Board members went to the National Association for Campus Activities conference they heard Samson’s act and invited him to come to Tech.



“We sat through long sessions listening to acts upon acts that go to college campuses, and after hearing Asia’s performance, we thought his spoken word poetry act would be new to students,” said Hussein, a senior finance major.



He said they chose the act because it was out of the ordinary from other events they hosted throughout the year. Hussein said another reason for choosing Asia is due to the several awards he has won for his performances.



“Asia is just an all-around good performer and he’s known as that,” Hussein said.



Matt LeBrun, Union Board’s production manager, said his first time to ever see a good spoken word poetry artist was at the NACA convention. He said he thinks spoken word poetry can serve as a very powerful message.



“I really enjoy how it can give basic insight to the artist’s life, their different points of views and basically what they had to go through,” LeBrun said.



He said Asia’s performance was on another level and that students would enjoy it as well because it is a refreshing change of pace.



“Like Sam said, this guy is really powerful,” LeBrun said. “His performance is emotional but very entertaining with lots of humor and I think it will get a positive response from students.”



Jacob Cambre, a freshman biology major, said it was his first time hearing spoken word poetry. He said he was expecting the artist to only be talking with no real rhythm.



“He was a lot better than I expected him to be, especially since his poems touched every emotion like happy, sad and funny,” Cambre said. “I think everyone, including myself, thought he was genuinely entertaining.”



He said if given the chance he would attend another spoken word poetry event and recommend other students to go if the poet was as good as Asia.



“It took a lot of guts for him to open up to strangers about his life experiences when it seems like his life was harder than a normal person,” Cambre said. “His poetry really put life into perspective.”



LeBrun said after seeing Asia at the NACA conference it made him appreciate spoken word poetry more and made him want to hear different spoken word artists.



“From my personal experience, it has made me more interested in the art of spoken word and I believe students will follow suit,” LeBrun said.


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