‘Uganda be’ laughing at Netflix’s new special

October 16, 2014


Cody  Sexton
Managing Editor

Uganda Be Kidding Me

Uganda Be Kidding Me


Chelsea Handler’s late-night talk show, “Chelsea Lately,” was  the closest I will ever come to having an addiction.


The show was often an inspiration, not only for my own style of writing, but to also visit the gym, mostly because I do not have cable and 30 minutes on a treadmill is a small price to pay to watch Handler make Kardashian jokes.


Thankfully, before ending her prolific career of pop-culture jokes, Handler signed a deal with Netflix to air an hour-long, stand-up comedy special based on her new book, “Uganda Be Kidding Me.”


Wrapping up her book tour in Chicago, Handler used her dry delivery and crude, unapologetic humor to recall tales of her travels in Africa on safari.


Often with a group of friends in tow, Handler said she will happily pay for anyone to go on vacation with her as long as they are willing to forgo any and all personal privacy.


With a remote in hand to work a slideshow full of compromising pictures of the comedian and her friends, Handler recalls her time spent leaving her mark (literally) on the African continent.


When Handler is not poking fun at her friend Hannah, calling her a  “weak, little Jew girl,” she is regaling the audience with stories about her lesbian roommate, Shelly.


Handler strays from the book’s content by going into  greater detail about her relationships with her friends and spends less time reciting passages from the book.


This is a great show for those like me who have read the book at least five times, but not so much for those who have not.


Handler’s no-holds barred comedy style is raunchy as ever, the best part being her complete disinterest in whether or not she is coming off as offensive.


An attitude not unlike the late Joan Rivers, though the two never got along and neither would appreciate the comparison.


The stand-up special is not for the faint-hearted who do not like offensive, brash comedy. Handler’s style can appear to the untrained eye as racist, but her unapologetic style has harnessed the true essence of comedy which is nothing is taboo.


Everything from the physical appearance of Alaskans to public urination is up for discussion while the comedian laughs riotously along with the audience.


Fans of Handler will be happy to know this new stand-up special with Netflix is the beginning of a new deal the comedian has struck with the online-streaming provider.


The new partnership includes a multi-part docu-series and talk show set to air in 2016 which will redefine the way viewers enjoy late-night talk shows.


If “Uganda Be Kidding Me” is a preview of what is to come from Handler and Netflix, fans can drink their Belvedere vodka soundly, knowing Chelsea Handler is not going anywhere.


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