UB hosts annual Rock, Paper, Scissors Tourney

May 9, 2013


Staff Reporter


People lined up at the door to play the game we all grew up knowing and loving, rock, paper, scissors.


Last Tuesday, Union Board hosted its annual Rock Paper Scissors Tournament in the Tonk.


Marissa Lee, a sophomore biology major, said she was excited about the turnout because this is one of the best events for Union Board.


“We had a good number of people who came so we were all proud that people were as excited about it as we are,” Lee said. “This is a smaller event, but it has always been something that a lot of people want to participate in.”


Lee said this is one of the annual events that Union Board tries to promote as much as its big events.


“The Rock Paper Scissors Tournament is one of the special events each year like Spring Fling and Fall Fling,” Lee said.  “That way people know about it in advance and they will be more likely to come and hang out.”


Lee also said this year’s prizes were some of the best she had seen while serving on Union Board.


“It’s just a fun and convenient way to get out of the house, hang out and play a game that everyone loves to play and win some cool prizes for free,” Lee said.  “The prizes this year were a 39-inch Vizio T.V., Beats by Dre, a Go Pro camera and cash.”


Others students who came out for the tournament were fired up about it and getting to play Rock Paper Scissors.


Nathan Ruppel, a freshman mechanical engineering major, said he had been waiting on the tournament since it is wrapping up the Union Board events.


“I saw it on Facebook a while back and decided it would be something fun to do with my spare time,” Ruppel said.  “Since it is the last Union Board event of the year I wanted to try and win some free stuff.”


Another student said he knew about the tournament before he came to Tech.


Andrew Spencer, a freshman physics major, said his brother participated in the tournament when he was at Tech.


“I have an older brother who has done it before and he said it was a fun thing to do before the end of the year,” Spencer said.  “I got a schedule of the Union Board events and decided it would be something fun to do before finals start.”


Spencer also said he was in it for the cash and prizes.


“I could always use more money just like every other college student,” Spencer said.  “When I found out what the prizes were this year, I was hoping I would be the winner.”


After many students were put out of the tournament, the winner emerged victorious.


Ryan Landry, a freshman business finance major, said he was glad that he won another Union Board event.


“This is the second Union Board event I have won,” Landry said.  “I won a 50 inch TV at the bingo tournament and now winning the ‘Beats’ by Dre is mind-blowing to me.”


Landry also said he participates in Union Board events because he hopes to one day be a part of their organization.


“I like Union Board a lot and I want to be involved in Union Board eventually,” Landry said.  “I have a good number of friends in Union Board who have been encouraging me to sign up so I think it will be a good decision.”


Landry said the events Union Board puts on are good ways to get to meet new people and win “cool stuff” while doing it.


“They put on fun events that everyone can attend,” Landry said.  “I think that’s what makes Union Board fun and the Rock Paper Scissors Tournament was no different.”


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