U.S. Ambassador visits Tech campus to discuss foreign policy

May 30, 2017



U.S. Ambassador John Clint Williamson visits students in the first talk of a series titled “America in the Age of Trump: A Foreign Policy and National Security Perspective.” – Photo by Jonathan Shaul

Tiffany Wilkins
Staff Reporter | tmw048@latech.edu


Louisiana Tech’s alumni John Clint Williamson held a lecture April 4 in Wyly Auditorium to express his point of view on the nation’s new president and the new administration.


U.S. Ambassador Williamson, a Ruston native, received his bachelor’s degree in political science from Tech in 1983 and his law degree at Tulane University in 1986. He was the College of Liberal Arts’s 2010 Alumnus of the Year.


Jeremy Mhire, an associate professor of political science at Tech said, “He (Williamson) frequently visits Tech to speak to students on how he made it to where he is despite what he has gone through.”


Mhire has known Williamson for seven years and felt it necessary for Williamson to come and start off the series the history department has planned for the remainder of the quarter.


The title of the first series is called “America in the Age of Trump: A Foreign Policy and National Security Perspective,” which emphasized what President Donald Trump has put in place for our nation’s safety.


The beginning of the title will stand, however, the subtitle will change throughout the quarter as the school year comes to an end.


Because Williamson is currently a Distinguished Professor of Practice at Arizona State University and Senior Director for Law and National Security at the McCain Institute for International Leadership, Mhire saw it fit for him to initiate the series.


Mhire feels that with Williamson’s background and his dedication toward working in the field he is in, he is certain that Williamson will reach those who are anticipating their future career choice with a political science or history degree.


“We would like to expect a greater turnout than the ‘Starving the Beast’ film to give the students a chance to voice their opinions and concerns about the recent turn of the foreign policy,” Mhire said.


One of Williamson’s topics was the national security process that has occurred within the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency.


He slightly compared and contrasted the Obama administration with Trump’s administration and how both sides handled keeping America secure from foreign attacks.


“The Obama administration could have been more aggressive about executing their plans versus the Trump administration could lean off of aggression,” Williamson said.


After his lecture there was a question and answer session for students and faculty members who wanted to gain a better understanding for themselves.


Some students were more curious about how someone like them could achieve their main goal of working in Washington, D.C., to make a difference.


Others, including those who were not affiliated with political science, asked questions to see if there could be a better solution to how foreign affairs are being handled by the current administration, such as the Israel-Palestine issue.


The history department will continue with the annual International Affairs Speakers Series by holding another lecture April 21.


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