Trump and the border: which needs patrolling?

April 12, 2018




President Donald Trump has not yet fulfilled his promise of a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, but in the meantime, he is having his administration send almost 500 troops from the National Guard to secure the border from illegal immigrants’ entry, with up to 4,000 troops available through September of 2018.


This may not be as big of a deal as some are making it out to be, considering Trump is not the first president to attempt to send troops to the border. Former presidents George Bush and Barack Obama both sent a combined 7,600 National Guard troops to the same borders to prevent illegal immigration. The only difference is those two did not make the promise of a wall one of the building blocks of their campaign.


So other than to speculate whether or not Trump is just attempting to buy time until he can follow through and meet his supporters’ expectations of a wall on the border, one may wonder; what else is behind this sudden act of defense?


Trump was reportedly motivated to act on this so quickly after learning a caravan of immigrants from Central America (around 1,200 people) had entered Mexico on their way to the U.S.


According to NPR host Kelly McEvers, the caravan is led by activists of El Salvador and Honduras who are fleeing Central America to escape violence and terrorization from gangs. She also noted that most of the people fleeing are women and children.


With all of these facts out in the open, people have to be wondering where Trump’s motives lie in this situation. Is he merely sending these troops to eliminate doubts from Republican supporters to strengthen his handle on the public’s opinion of him, or does he truly believe these actions are in the best interests of the safety of American people?


Some may argue that question is irrelevant because every president does things to sway the general public’s view of them. Others may say that arbitrary nature of presidency is the root of a good portion of America’s issues today. Both are legit arguments.


However, with Trump’s recent obsession with immigration, the bigger argument is whether or not this extra border patrol is worth the trouble.


We believe that while immigration is a prominent issue, the sending of troops to the border may just be a type of ruse to comfort Trump’s base and make them think he is taking action after his spending bill for the border wall was shut down a while back. It is safe to say, with the history of his regime so far, he has not earned the benefit of the doubt.


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