Toys R gone?

March 29, 2018


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We all know society changes over time, but who would have thought toys would ever become irrelevant?


In recent news, I have seen stories about Toys ‘R’ Us officially closing its doors. It’s honestly heartbreaking to know I will never get to live out my childhood dream of visiting the iconic toy store. Many claimed its closing was due to low sales as children today prefer iPads.


While technology is important in today’s world and is something I use gratefully every day, it makes me sad to hear it is being favored over real toys. How do kids have real fun and imagination when all they do is look at a screen?


Maybe it’s because most of my childhood was without technology that I see it this way. There was no such thing as an iPad, or even iPod touch, until sixth grade. Therefore, most of my time before then was spent playing with toys while watching Disney movies on repeat in the VCR.


Today, kids grow up alongside technology and are able to use it better than most adults. I have seen with my very eyes a four-year-old unlock an iPhone. These kids can barely go to the bathroom by themselves, but they know how to take selfies. Does that not worry anyone else?


However, growing up with technology will become a major advantage for kids as they grow. They will be so accustomed to it that they will have no problems like adults do today. I think we can all agree it is truly cringe-worthy to watch anyone’s dad type out a text with his index finger. I will even admit to not knowing much about technology, though my family thinks I’m a cyber engineer every time I reboot the Wi-Fi.


I know Toys ‘R’ Us shutting down doesn’t automatically mean all toys are completely gone from the face of the earth. Obviously, kids today still play with toys, just not as much as we once did.


While this shift to technology is relatively new, it has been happening over a longer amount of time than we think. They may not have been iPad minis, but Gameboys and Nintendo DS’s were everything in elementary school. Nintendogs will always have a place in my heart.


My point here is that there are both pros and cons to growing up with or without technology. I was lucky enough to experience a little bit of both in my childhood. While I am not as technologically advanced as some today, I am capable of working my way around a computer.


However, I am also capable of entertaining myself when the battery goes dead.

Morgan Bernard is a junior communication major from Echo who serves as managing editor for The Tech Talk.


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