Tolliver dining offers later hours for hungry Bulldogs

September 30, 2014
With dining services open later, students will be able to enjoy on-campus food later.

With dining services open later, students will be able to enjoy on-campus food later. –Photo by Colin Fontenot

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Students with busy schedules now have more eating options on campus later in the evening.



Robert Lubbert, regional district manager for Aramark, said one of the main reasons why the food places are staying open later is to benefit the students.



“We want to take care of our students,” Lubbert said. “That is one of the main reasons why we changed the times.”



The changes in times happened in Tolliver Hall and the Student Center.
Bene, the pasta restaurant, changed its closing hours from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Students are happy about the changes.


Braden Bristo, a Tech baseball player, said the new hours are beneficial to student athletes.



“It’s great because we can come to get food after practice and not have to worry about them being closed.” said Bristo, a sophomore kinesiology major.



Lubbert said another reason on-campus dining is open later is because of the increased number of students.



“There’s a higher demand now that we have more students,” Lubbert said. “It’s more feasible for us to stay open later.”



Lubbert said the university wanted to find a balance between servicing students and making money.



“So far, it looks like we made a wise choice,” he said.



He said they had to hire more employees to keep the places running. Jomondrik Robinson, an Aramark employee, said he does not mind the new hours.



“I love my job,” Robinson said. “I didn’t mind the time change because it helps the students and I love making them happy.”



Robinson said he thinks the decision to extend hours was a wise decision for the school because it has helped better serve the students.



The other food options open later are Chick-Fil-A, which is open until 8 p.m., and Sushic and Burger Studio, both open until 7 p.m.


New seating arrangements were also added in Tolliver Hall.


“The new seats help students relax,” Lubbert said. “We also thought it complements the food places that are in there well.”



Lubbert said students can also expect more changes to happen in the future.



Lubbert said they are testing out Trippy Taco, a taco truck, at football games and hope to bring it to campus.



Bytes will also be undergoing changes in the future according to Lubbert.



Lubbert said they are planning to expand Bytes and add a larger variety of food.



“We want to keep the students happy and make sure they are taken care of,” Lubbert said. “That is our main goal.”



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