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April 5, 2013


TLC members showing Bulldog pride at their team-building retreat at the outdoor wilderness learning center. – Submitted photo

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Each year a new group of freshmen arrive on Tech’s campus, new to the college life and all college has to offer; however, there is a course at Tech that is working to help these freshmen.


Tech Leadership Council gives freshmen an opportunity to become familiar with what Tech has to offer and how to become a leader on campus, said Barry Morales, director of student developement.


Each winter Morales said he interviews prospective students for the class known as TLC to determine which students will be admitted into the winter workshop.


“The goal of TLC is to take the best and brightest freshmen we have coming into the university and provide those students with the opportunity for leadership development,” Morales said.


After the interview process students participate in a workshop throughout winter quarter before they receive admission into TLC, Morales said.


With the spring starting up, the class is filled and eager to begin learning and implementing new leadership skills, Morales said.


“We currently have 19 students who made it through the workshop, and we are now beginning to teach them leadership development and leadership theory,” Morales said.


Dillon Miller, a junior mathematics major, said he participated in TLC last spring and he is now the TLC director.


“TLC offers people leadership skills and helps them get involved in other organizations across Tech’s campus,” Miller said. “It is like a catalyst to other organizations.”


Morales said TLC helps not only develop leadership skills, but also allows students to see what is available on campus and how they can get involved.


“TLC makes students aware of what organizations are available on campus,” Morales said. “Many first-year students come in not knowing what is even available on campus, and TLC allows them to meet advisers and students from a wide range of organizations across campus.”


Jessi Fitts, a junior psychology major, said she is a former TLC member who is working with this year’s class.


“Our main thing for them is to figure out what kind of leader they are, based on personality tests,” Fitts said. “We teach them to interact with different personality types that are either the same or different from their own.”


The leadership skills learned in TLC will be used by students throughout their college careers, Morales said.


“I have seen TLC make people much more confident,” he said. “A lot of students have the potential to be great leaders, but they just do not know how to utilize their skills to lead. That is the goal of TLC, to work on those skills and develop them so they can become leaders.”


Fitts said she used TLC to branch out into other organizations and become more involved throughout campus.


“TLC got me a lot more involved on campus I met a lot more people,” Fitts said. “It introduced me to people highly involved in other organizations which helped me get into those organizations.”


Miller said he realized how TLC helped him become both informed and involved on Tech’s campus.


“TLC impacted me greatly; without it I would not have been involved with the Peer Leadership Council, Student Government Association and organizations like that,” Miller said. “TLC helped me get my foot in the door by learning about leadership and TLC allowed me to branch out.”


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