Time to start gunning for change

October 21, 2017


While the necessity of stricter gun regulations has been questioned for years, the topic has recently come back to the forefront of the minds of the American public following a mass shooting at a Las Vegas music festival.


The shooting, which occurred Oct. 2, left 58 dead and over 500 injured and, according to CNN, is now ranked as the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history. In the aftermath of the attack, the American people were left filled with grief and a desire for change.


The argument is not whether or not measures should be taken to prevent future attacks, but is instead about the extent of the measures taken.


Many believe that, with stricter gun control legislation or by banning guns entirely, mass shooting incidents in the United States will decrease dramatically or cease completely. Gun control supporters argue that in countries with strict gun laws, like Australia, the homicide incidence rates are lower than they have been in decades.


Those who oppose gun control argue that, even if guns were banned, people will still find ways to obtain them illegally. They believe that banning guns will take away a valuable method of self-defense, and tougher limits on purchasing a gun would do almost no good, as those who could not buy guns would just steal or borrow them. Regulations for owning a gun are already in place: federally required background checks are already in place in many states, and some states limit the purchase of guns to just once a month.


Those who are anti-gun control also make the case that, in the instance that guns are banned entirely, it would be nearly impossible to confiscate hundreds of thousands of weapons across the country.


At The Tech Talk, we feel there are ample regulations that limit the types of guns that are available for purchase. However, an updated process is needed to determine who can buy or access guns.  A more thorough screening process is necessary and should include measures to be certain that the gun’s buyer is in fact mentally stable enough to own a weapon.


Though it is not our opinion that guns should be banned entirely, we feel the implementation of a stricter screening process would do no harm. The Tech Talk staff would rather see more restrictions enforced and less lives taken than have no new action taken at all.


It should be acknowledged that updated regulations will not stop gun deaths completely, but just a few lives saved would be worth the change.


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