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April 25, 2013


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It is a running joke in society that new media types phase out the old ones, hence the phrase “TV killed the radio star.” However, on Tech’s campus, the different forms of media have decided to work together for the benefit of the students.


The Tech Talk, Tech TV and KLPI, Tech’s radio station, have teamed up to produce a talk show titled “Tech Today” that airs on Tech TV.


Cody Sexton, a senior journalism major, said the show is unlike standard talk show programs.


“It’s very interesting and laid-back,” Sexton said. “It’s not just a stuffy news report. It’s a show about students, for students.”


Sexton, a co-host of the show’s entertainment section, said his portion of the show tries to examine pop culture through the eyes of Tech students.


“It’s somewhat pop culture, though we try not to stray too far from Tech,” he said. “Basically, I banter with my co-host Camille Pearce. We’re both trying to be Chelsea Handler (of “E! Entertainment Television.)”


Camille Pearce, a senior interior design major, said the Tech show presents interesting topics to the students and also helps the participants grow in their fields of media.


“These shows work best when you have people with the same mindset,” Pearce said. “It works as a creative outlet for these people. It gives them experience in their field.”


Pearce said she approached representatives of KLPI and The Tech Talk to see if they would be interested in the show.


“The people I talked to in each group were interested, and we just kind of made it our own little thing,” Pearce said. “Everybody has kind of developed each section on their own.”


Phillip Raeisghasem, a sophomore electrical engineering major, said he is the main contact for KLPI between the other two participants.


“I kind of fell into this by accident, but I’m happy to do it,” Raeisghasem said. “I think it’s a good thing for Tech. It brings variety to the TV station.”


Raeisghasem said he was originally collaborating only with The Tech Talk before “Tech Today” began.


“I approached The Tech Talk to see if we could help them with music reviews,” he said. “I didn’t have much contact with the television station until they got in touch with me around a month ago.”


Raeisghasem, who co-hosted the first show’s music segment, said he thinks the collaboration will produce positive results for all of the involved parties.


“None of the on-campus media are super big, so all collaborations are positive,” he said. “In a PR sense, it gets our names out there and gets the students’ attention.”


Raney Johnson, a sophomore journalism major, said he agrees with the fact that the collaboration will improve the visibility of on-campus media.


“It has an effect on how prospective students view us as well,” Johnson said. “Students who might want to study journalism see that the media on campus have a working relationship.”


Johnson, who co-hosted the music segment of the first show, said he hopes the show continues to be produced.


“Hopefully, we’ll keep doing the show at least semi-weekly,” he said. “It’s a good thing for students and it’s really fun to do.”


The first show premiered in Tolliver, and Pearce said she would like to keep that going every week.


“I’d like all shows to premiere on Thursday,” she said. “It’s hard to get it all edited in time, but that is our goal.”


Pearce said students are encouraged to get involved with the show.


“We are always looking for students to host a segment of the show,” she said. “Anyone interested should email techtv@latech.edu to volunteer.”


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