Third film fulfills trilogy

October 27, 2011

Rating: Four of Five stars

Mary Timmons
Associate Editor


With Halloween right around the corner, moviegoers are craving that once a year scare. So, it’s no surprise that “Paranormal Activity 3” broke the box-office record for biggest fall opening.


Being a prequel to the previous films “Paranormal Activity 3” takes place in 1988. Viewers are now watching the lives of Young Katie and Kristi along with their mother Julie and her boyfriend Dennis. Those familiar with the saga will recognize the characters from the previous movies.


Trouble begins when Kristi begins interacting with imaginary friend, Toby. Soon after a series of strange events occur. Of course, the best way to catch anything suspicious is to set up video cameras throughout your house. Unlike the other films, “Paranormal Activity 3” portrays the events through home videos, which make the movie feel more personable.


The film has the same basic outline as the others. The cameras catch strange sounds and subtle movements that give the illusion something is there. The subtle occurrences eventually build up to the intense climax where the victims and culprits are revealed.


There were some points in the film where it seemed like it took several minutes for anything to happen. It kept the suspense high, but it was a little annoying in the same sense. Several times throughout the film I hoped that something scary would happen just so I wouldn’t have to stare at sleeping characters for the next few minutes.


The effects in this film have evolved so much since the first installment. Several scenes are almost believable. At some points it does seem like you are watching real events and not just a movie.


One great thing about the film is the extended story line. Viewers will notice more of a plot in the film and learn some of the origin of the haunting. Unfortunately, by the end of the movie, there are still unanswered questions. I had hoped for slightly more detail.


For the most part this movie is a must-see.


Especially for those who follow the trilogy, you will be completely satisfied with the outcome. The writers and director execute the movie in such a fantastic way that there is no way that anyone can leave the theater completely unsatisfied.


One great aspect about this franchise is throughout all three movies the story line has consistently followed the same family. Whereas in other movie sequels viewers are usually introduced to an entire different characters that have nothing to do with the plot of the first film.


Also, this franchise has a way of portraying the illusion of ghosts that may make the members of the audience question whether or not they believe in supernatural spirits.


I was let down that some stuff shown in the trailer was not played in the movie. Particularly the “Bloody Mary” scene was not what I anticipated, but it was still chilling. Just be sure not to let the trailer get your hopes up.


Towards the end was when the movie gave the most scare. Here the entire movie gains a plot. Let’s just hope the writers stop and don’t continue to add to the trilogy. Though the three movies are linked the audience will still lack a full understanding of why those events have occurred. Opinions may vary but I was generally satisfied with the ending.


For those who haven’t I strongly suggest watching them before seeing this. All three movies are all tied together and it won’t make sense if you don’t see the previous films.


“Paranormal Activity 3” sets the perfect mood for Halloween. If you’re tired of watching Wes Craven and John Carpenter flicks, this movie would be perfect to add to your list.


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