There is a holiday for that, too

April 26, 2012


Justin Fort
Managing Editor


Holidays are pointless.



Throughout the year I take notice of certain holidays and I ask myself, “Why is there a day for this?”


Three different nationally recognized holidays come to t he front of my mind.


However, I never thought something was as undeserving of a day as 420–– a day for stoners, potheads, druggies and all the other terms that apply to a specific category of people who smoke some strain of marijuana.


There is no real answer to when or where this idea of getting higher than Wyly on April 20 became so popular, but many rumors have been voiced.


According to an article from The Huffington Post, some people say it is the number of active chemicals in marijuana, some say it is teatime in Holland and some even say it has something to do with Adolf Hitler’s birthday.


It is widely accepted that 420 began in San Rafael, Calif., when local police officers began identifying smoking marijuana as a “420” in the early ‘70s.


The history is important, but what stands out to me is the continuation of a day just for smoking marijuana.


It stands out for one large reason. Eighty percent of the people I know smoke some type of marijuana and from what I have seen, they get no higher on 420 than they do any other day.


People who smoke marijuana will smoke marijuana. It is that simple. They like getting high, developing their “creativity” and the taste of food. The last thing they need is another reason to get higher than they already do.


I am not going to argue the benefits or risks of marijuana, but a day that is internationally recognized as a day to get high should not exist.


Valentine’s Day. Bad idea.


A day for couples to finally love each other like they should and single people to become more bitter than the chocolate they indulge in.


There is no reason for Valentine’s Day. Why should someone provide you a reason or reminder to love someone? If you need one, use anniversaries and birthdays.


Love is a relationship that is worked on every day. If you are at the point in a relationship where you need a day to make you simulate love for another person, you need to take that day and apply your ideas every day after that.


Giving someone flowers because the world expects you to is not romantic. Personally I see it as an insult if someone shows me that I can only be special and worth rewarding one day a year.


The man who wrote his wife a letter before his death is a romantic. The guy who bought a $3 card from Hallmark is not.


St. Patrick’s Day. That’s another one.


The idea is solid. Celebrate a saint and his bringing Christianity to Ireland.However, I am not familiar with too many saints who would approve of binge drinking green beer to celebrate their spreading of Christianity.


Does anyone really think that is a true celebration? I hope not.


Now I recognize that these are not the top holidays in America and not cancelling school or raising a flag does not overly condone them, but they are supported by the availability of drugs, the judgment of men and restaurants’ willingness to purchase obscene amounts of green beer.


A friend of mine pointed out to me that I only have a problem with holidays that are not recognized to be Christian.


I thought about that for a second, and then I disproved it. I would not support those who celebrate the life of Christ only one day a year anymore than I would support a husband loving his wife one day in February.


I would not support people drinking to celebrate the life of Christ. Before the argument is even planned, I know people always say Jesus drank wine. Well, Jesus drank wine, but he did not binge drink beer. Even your doctor recognizes a difference.


I see no point in setting aside days to do some obscure task. I just call those days.


Justin Fort is a senior journalism and political science major from Choudrant who serves as managing editor for The Tech Talk. Email comments to jwf014@latech.edu.


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