The value of virgins

June 30, 2017



Raheem Proctor
Staff Reporter | rjp020@latech.edu


If anyone is my friend on Facebook, they know I have a “Question of the Day” series that I post at times, even if it is not every day.


Recently I asked the question: What is the first thing you look for or notice when approaching/being approached by someone?


Some of the responses I received were facial expressions, eye contact, hand placement, hygiene and body language.


The answers I received made me think, “Well if this is what you look for from an initial arrangement, what is the first quality that people search for in someone?”


Automatically, I assumed many people would respond with successful, but as college students many of us strive to be successful.


I decided to talk it over with a group of friends, so from there we started to break down simple things, such as height, hair, weight, etc.


Upon further discussion with my friends, one mentioned the idea that someone being a virgin is a huge plus. This opened up a big can of worms. Does being a virgin really matter?


In my teenage and early college years I have witnessed that if you are a virgin, you get made fun of. This is something that I never fully understood.


If you break it down, this is usually among males. Take the movie “The 40-Year-Old Virgin,” and you see exactly what I am talking about.


I have come to find out women who are virgins are not harassed quite as often, but I have witnessed a few incidents where ladies were ridiculed from their peers about being virgins.


When asked about virgin counterparts, most women I have talked to say they prefer a guy that is experienced. They never really squash the idea of a guy being a virgin, but it is a thing that does not necessarily matter to them. On the other hand, most men I have talked to say that they prefer women who are virgins because they know she has not been around.


In the case of a counterpart not being a virgin, the next quality people look for is experience.


Society likes to place a derogatory word on people who are sexually experienced because it is assumed someone who is great at having sex has done it with numerous people.


Furthermore, where does the double standard fall into play?


So I leave you with my question of the day: what is the value of a virgin?


Raheem Proctor is a senior journalism  major from Houston who serves as a staff reporter for The Tech Talk.


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