The real winner

November 14, 2016

Rachel Maxwell

Editor-In-Chief | ram049@latech.edu




Donald Trump was not the only winner this Tuesday night. Racism won. Sexism won. Xenophobia won. Rape culture won. All those bad things that we’ve been fighting against for decades, all those things won.


If that sounds dramatic, think about what implications Trump’s presidency actually has on our society. Because even if Trump’s presidency is not disastrous for our country on a policy level, the social damage has already been done.


I hope Donald Trump does a great job the next four years. I hope he doesn’t embarrass us internationally. I hope he does not continue to incite violence against oppressed groups. I hope he magically transforms into the type of person suited to run a major global power.


He has a lot of people monitoring him now, and his acceptance speech does make me hopeful that he will actually be a better person during his presidency than he was during his campaign. However, even if he does a fantastic job, we have still sent a very clear message to everyone in America.


By electing President Trump, we have told men in America that objectifying, verbally abusing and even sexually assaulting women has no meaningful consequences. We have told minority groups that their safety comes second to our distaste for “political correctness.” We have told a whole generation of young Americans that the way you treat other people does not matter at all.


So, I hope that President Trump does  a great job. But that won’t take back the message that we have already sent. Because even if he is everything we could ask for in a President, the American people chose the person he was during the election.


Rachel Maxwell is a junior journalism major from Benton who serves as editor-in-chief for The Tech Talk.


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