The call of the bulldog

November 5, 2017


Morgan Bernard
News Editor | mrb056@latech.edu




It seems like it was only yesterday when I was a senior in high school making major decisions in life like what college to attend and for what major. I traveled far and wide (within Louisiana borders) to college campuses, but to no avail did I find a university where I felt like I belonged — or so it at first seemed.


Most of the campuses were too large for my taste. I felt like I would get lost on my first day of classes and end up being missing forever. Others were eerily small and ghost town-like, as there were no students in sight on the campus. Even a few colleges I became vaguely interested in were much too far from home for my mother to cope, so they were also struck from the list of potentials.


Only after several awkward college tours with overly perky tour guides did I find a university that felt like the one for me: Louisiana Tech.


I enjoyed my first tour at Tech so much that I came on a second tour, just to make sure I was 100 percent set on going here. Afterward, I ended up not touring other universities I had originally planned to because I was certain this was the place for me. Here are a few aspects that aided in my decision of choosing Tech as my college home.


The campus is the perfect size to me: not too big or small. Tech is small enough where you can go through every day on campus seeing one of your friends, but it is also large enough to where you can avoid people you don’t care to see as well (something essential to my everyday life).


Also, the faculty and students here are friendly and willing to help, but they are not jumping at you with the fake enthusiasm. The friendliness is genuine, and not so overpowering that it makes the whole situation painful for everyone involved.


Another thing about Tech that really intrigued me was the close relationship it has with Ruston. The city is always involved in the university’s events, whether it be tailgating for football or trick-or-treating in Hideaway Park. I enjoy this closeness because it makes it easier to connect with more people, not only on campus, but also within the entire Ruston community.


This closeness and university size also makes interacting with professors easier, which was a big plus to me. I love the convenience of being able to meet with my professors when I have questions about a class. This is a task at larger universities that would seem practically impossible as there are 1,000 students in one class and the professor knows not a single one of their names.


Although one of my favorite things about Tech is its size, it is obvious that our campus is always growing. This ambition of always wanting to be a more comfortable and successful university is another great characteristic. It not only brings in more potential students for the school, but these advances are also for the better of current students.


Probably the aspect that is best-known about Tech is its close, family-like atmosphere. As cheesy as it may sound at times, it is 100 percent true. For a smaller university, Tech students and alumni show such strong passion and pride for their school. Even though some of us may not express it as much as others, we all occasionally bleed red and blue and cheer for the Bulldogs.


Morgan Bernard is a junior communication from Echo, Louisiana.


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