The beauty of a virtual world

April 12, 2018



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Virtual reality, in general, is an incredible breakthrough in technology. It has so many uses and so much good can be done with it.


Just imagine being able to go anywhere you want, experience anything you want and even be able to do whatever you want. Virtual reality can let you do all of that and more.


There are a lot of uses for virtual reality. One thing virtual reality is used for is entertainment. Have you ever been to someplace like Walmart and seen the virtual reality headsets they have on sale? Or have you ever been to Gamestop and seen the Playstation VR headsets they have on sale?  Well, those are good examples of how virtual reality technology is being used today; for our entertainment and enjoyment.


I personally really enjoy being able to use VR headsets. It is the kind of thing that I think everyone should experience at least once in their lives.


It was absolutely mind blowing the first time I used a VR headset. It is a pretty weird experience at first, at least for me, but as I started to get used to it, it became more and more enjoyable. It felt like I was in another world. It is such a fun and interesting experience, except when you are playing horror games with a VR headset. Then it literally turns into one of the worst experiences ever, especially when your friend suddenly decides to grab you from behind while you are playing a horror game. Imagine how fun that is.


While virtual reality is mainly thought to just be used for entertainment and occasionally messing with your unsuspecting friends, there are so many more uses for it.


Right now, virtual reality is being used by medical schools to help train students in many different areas. It is even being used by the military to help train soldiers so they can be prepared for various situations. Some schools are even starting to use virtual reality technology to better students.


I certainly would be all for Louisiana Tech offering virtual reality classes. I feel like it would make learning a lot more fun and students could even gain more hands on experience using virtual reality, since it is capable of simulating many types of work environments. Of course, it might be pretty expensive to implement, but I still think it is something to at least think about.


Virtual reality is becoming more and more widespread as time goes on and I think it is going to become a much bigger thing a few years from now.


Donovan Robbins is a sophomore graphic design major from Vicksburg, Mississippi who serves as a staff reporter for The Tech Talk. 


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