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April 3, 2014


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After starting off the season with a loss to Florida Gulf Coast, The Lady Techsters kicked their season into high gear.


The Techsters are sporting a 14-4 record and are undefeated at home and sport an 8-3-road record.


They have three matches left before they begin play in the Conference USA Tournament, which is held in Norfolk, Va.


“I do not think that we have reached our potential yet and I think and hope that we will by the tournament,” head coach Chad Camper said.


Tech has a well-rounded team and everyone contributes to their success, he said.


“What is good about this team is if someone is having a bad day, there is someone there to pick up the slack and keep us rolling,” Camper said.


With one home match left, senior Melanie Urvoy looks to finish her career at Louisiana Tech on a high note.


“We had a chance to win a match versus a ranked team, and I want to get that national ranking that we are so close to,” Urvoy said.


The last home match of the season is against Southern Miss, which is also the last C-USA match of the season before the tournament.


“If we beat Southern Miss we have a good chance at getting the fourth seed which is what we want to avoid some of the bigger schools in the tournament,” Urvoy said.


The other two remaining matches in the season are against Arkansas and SMU, which will both be key wins in getting the rank the Techsters are looking for.


Jazmin Britos and Manoela Chiacchlo are both 13-2 in singles matches and lead the team in wins.


Marta Sramkova and Melanie Urvoy are 7-3 in doubles and lead the team in doubles.


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