Techsters play spring alumnae game

March 25, 2017

The alumnae team emerged triumphant. – Photos by Jonathan Shaul


Amber Harrington
News Editor | anh038@latech.edu


Louisiana Tech soccer players, both past and present, had the opportunity to show off their skills this week in what some might consider the most interesting game of the season.


On March 18, the Lady Techsters held their annual spring alumnae game in the Lady Techster Soccer Complex. The event consisted of 12 alumnae players, all of whom had graduated in the past few years, and the current Tech soccer team.


Kevin Sherry, the Lady Techsters coach, said he appreciated the annual event because he felt it was a great way to continuously involve alumnae in the soccer program.


“This event is wonderful because it maintains the connection between the soccer program and those who graduated,” Sherry said. “The alumnae meet the present team and that keeps them interested in Tech soccer.”


he Lady Techster’s Mariah Rojas (17) faces alumna Charity Simmons (30).

Furthermore, Sherry also said though the current Techsters lost, he felt the team benefitted from the game because it served as a learning experience.


“My hope is that the girls will learn from what the alumnae did and put that into their own game,” he said. “They are still very young and inexperienced, whereas the alumni are older and know the game better. They can teach them a few things.”


One alumna player, Laura LeFevour, said she enjoyed being apart of the event because she got to interact with the players and see firsthand how how well they were doing.


“We have a great group of girls here,” she said. “It’s great seeing how well they’re all doing and how well they all played.”


LeFevour said although this is only her second year participating in the event, each time she comes back she feels a sense of Tech pride.


“Coming back and playing is always fun,” she said. “But, most of all, it makes me proud to be an alumna from Tech.”


Stine Emerick, a freshman Techster player, said she felt the best part about the night was the participation of the players who didn’t play as much during the season.


“For those of us who maybe sit on the bench most games, it’s nice to have this experience on the field,” Emerick said. “Especially playing against a team that is so high caliber.”


Emerick said while the game was fun, it was also challenging.


“We haven’t played a consecutive 60 minutes in a very long time,” she said. “I guess most of us were thinking that since the alumnae haven’t played in so long they may have lost their touch — but no.”


Another Techster player and a transfer student from England, Hannah McStay-Fenn, said losing to the alumnae actually was encouraging to her.


“You can see from the scoreboard how well they played,” McStay-Fenn said. “Even though some of them haven’t played in a couple years or a couple months, they still have such a high standards for themselves.”


McStay-Fenn said that once she graduates, she hopes to be apart of the alumnae team, as well.


“I think playing as an alumnae would be an awesome experience,” she said. “As long as I can get over here from England.”


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