Tech’s political organizations host first debate

February 5, 2018


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The College of Business rang out with the sound of political discourse on Jan. 24 as Louisiana Tech’s College Republicans, College Democrats and Young Americans for Liberty hosted their first debate.


The debate was structured into four-minute speeches followed by one-minute rebuttals and a short educational speech from the professors who moderated the debate. It covered four topics tackling some of today’s biggest issues such as healthcare and affirmative action, including a topic voted on by the audience before the debate.


College Republicans chairman Jason Kreucher said a debate such as this has been in the works for some time, even before the establishment of a College Democrats group on Tech’s campus.


“So for the past couple years we have wanted to do debates with the Grambling Democrats,” Kreucher said. “We reached out and did not receive any feedback. So, fortunately, this year when we had College Democrats come about we were able to communicate with Nick and Katie and have a meeting with them. YAL (Young Americans for Liberty) said they were also interested in debating. We all sat down in a room, worked out the details, picked the topics and here we are.”


He also said it was exciting to get up and debate in front of his fellow students. He said although he enjoyed the topics at hand, he would have liked to see more focused on the intertwining of science and politics.


“It was a lot of fun,” he said. “I used to do debate so it reminded me a lot of that. I am glad everything was very civil and very constructive. I’m a nerd. So, maybe in the future, we talk about some more science topics such as vaccines and climate change.”


College Democrats president Katie Green said the turnout to the debate was exciting and it showed students are interested in being informed on politics, regardless of party affiliation. She said she hopes these debates become a regular, quarterly event and believes the turnout is proof that they can make that happen.


“It’s so exciting,” Green said. “This room has 105 seats and we had all of them filled and about 30 people standing. Seeing that turnout is absolutely amazing. It gives us a lot of hope as political organizations that Tech students are really interested in this stuff. Next time we have this we’re going to move it to a bigger room.”


As students swarmed out chattering about the night’s event, sophomore Donovan Turner said he found the night interesting and eye-opening. He said he liked hearing the variety of opinions that were on display.


“A lot of the opinions that I heard, whether I disagreed or agreed, they were informed,” Turner said. “There were only a couple instances where the opinions just seemed ill-informed. I think if you are going to be in the political sphere you need to have facts to back up what you are saying. I just thought this would be a good opportunity to come and hear a lot of different opinions.”


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