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February 5, 2015


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Anthony Ellis, a freshman engineering student, looks at one of the books at the art show created by Frank Hamrick–Photo by Brian Blakely

Anthony Ellis, a freshman engineering student, looks at one of the books at the art show created by Frank Hamrick–Photo by Brian Blakely

Studio 301 Contemporary Art in downtown Ruston was the place where Louisiana Tech photography faculty and six graduate students showcased their work.


Faculty members Adam Forrester and Frank Hamrick, along with students Marcus Journey, Hannah Cooper McCauley, Zachary McCauley and Rachel Spencer, had their art on display for the public to see.


Hannah Cooper McCauley, a graduate student, had her photography work on display.


“I started taking photography seriously when I started college,” she said. “I love photography because you can have a specific language.”


McCauley said she uses her photos as her own language.


“It is easier for some people to explain things using words or drawings,” she said. “I use my photos to speak the things that I cannot say.”


McCauley said the pictures she had on display were inspired by fairytales.


“The pictures here interpret fears, anxieties, hopes and dreams,” she said. “They are an abstract way of storytelling through photography.”


McCauley said her favorite piece on display was “The Day it Happened.”




“It is a simple photo of my hands and some wasps; I am allergic to wasps,” she said. “It represents overcoming my literal fear and the fear of losing someone.”


Taylor Andrus said she really enjoyed coming to look at a lot of the pieces in the exhibit.


“I am taking an art history class and I think all of these pictures are really cool,” said Andrus, a sophomore pre-veterinary major.  “They all look very interesting.”


Andrus said her favorite piece of the night was McCauley’s photo titled “The Kiss.”


“This photo looks like a classic,” she said. “It makes you think of a movie because of the way the background is faded and the focus is on the kiss and the guy.”


Hamrick, an associate professor in the School of Design, had seven color pieces and three books on display


“I got my first camera when I was 10, and that is when I started taking pictures,” he said. “I did not formally start taking pictures until 10 years later.”


Hamrick said the color pieces he had on display were from when he was a student, and the books are his most current work.


“I wanted to show students what I was doing when I was their age,” he said. “It is also a way to compare my work.”


Hamrick said he likes photography because it is a way of having a voice and preserving the moment.


“It is a way to point out the good and the bad,” he said. “It is up to the viewer to decide what they think the photo means.”


Hamrick said a piece of advice he would like to give students is their future is up to them.


“Nothing will happen if you do not put yourself out there,” he said. “It is up to each person to be a creative, contributing member of society.”


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