Tech welcomes future Bulldogs

May 26, 2017

The day’s events included an organizational browse to showcase Tech’s on-campus clubs to future students and parents. – Photos by Jonathan Shaul


Jonathan Shaul
Staff Reporter | jds103@ latech.edu


Tech’s campus was filled with prospective students and their families April 1 for the bi-annual event known as Time Out for Tech.


Andy Cline, director of orientation and assistant director of admissions, said this Time Out for Tech was one of the larger spring events with about 1,000 participants.


“One of the things we’re doing differently Time Out for Tech this year as opposed to previous years is we’re really trying to create a lot of energy and a lot of buzz,” said Cline. “We’ve used a lot of social media platforms to try to connect with prospective students and get them to come to campus.”


He said they hired a local band made entirely of Tech students to perform at the organizational browse to help add excitement. Cline said another interesting thing about this Time Out for Tech was is the number of student recruiters.


“We have over 150 students who have tried out, been interviewed and selected to represent us as tour guides throughout all of our admissions activities,” he said. “To see all of them out here just showcases how strong our campus student population is, and we hope the prospective students will feed off of this excitement.”


Student recruiters guided guests around campus throughout the day.

Aerial Stanford, a freshman elementary education major, said she was hired earlier in the spring so this was her first Time Out for Tech.


“At the beginning I was really nervous, but as soon as I got my family I just got into the routine of giving a tour,” Stanford said. “I love Tech so much and I just want other people to love it.”


She said she wanted to share her pride, loyalty and love for Tech with the potential students and their families who came to visit the campus.


“My favorite part of tours is seeing the families light up when they learn new things about Tech and when we share the traditions and the legends that we have here,” Stanford said.


“I like them seeing that we’re a family and I love them seeing that this is a home and this is a place I can find myself being at home.”



She said she also loves showing prospective students and their families the Lady of the Mist, the seal, the Spirit of ’88 statue and all of the other things that make Tech what it is. Stanford said one of the hardest parts about training to be a student recruiter was learning all of the facts about Tech they had to know.



“There was a bunch of information that we needed to learn,” Stanford said. “I wouldn’t say it was my least favorite because I learned so much but that was the most stressful thing because I wanted to make sure that I knew everything.”



Victor Matlock, a junior at Evangel Christian Academy, was one of the potential students who attended the event.



“I think the student recruiters are friendly,” Matlock said. “They’re actually trying to help you out, they’re not just doing it because they’re asked to do it.”



He said he’s excited about coming here because his father and sister are both graduates of Tech.



“I want to come here; I actually like it here,” said Matlock. “I think it’s amazing.”






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