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November 14, 2016

Starla Gatson

Staff Reporter | sjg021@latech.edu


High school juniors and seniors got a glimpse into life as a Louisiana Tech theater student during the A Day with LA Tech Theater recruitment event.


The event, held Nov. 3, allowed the high school students to meet faculty members and sample six theater and performing arts courses, including stage combat and dance class.


Ashley Davis, a student recruitment coordinator for the theater department, said the day allowed the visiting students to learn more about the program before committing to the university.


“It’s a time where the juniors and seniors can tour our facility, get to meet the faculty and get to meet their future peers if they decide to come here,” Davis said. “So they kind of get a taste of what to expect when they come to school here.”


Davis said she thinks campus visits are important for prospective students to help them decide which university and major is right for them.


“I personally believe that when you are looking for colleges, it’s so important to go to the actual program and see what to expect and see if you fit there and if you like it,” she said. “This gives those high school students exactly that opportunity. It gives them a really good picture of all the things we represent here as a program.”


Jane Wallace, a teacher from Choudrant High School, said she brought her students to the event to give them a chance to see what resources and job opportunities would be available to them if they pursue careers in performing arts.


“I think it’s so important for the kids to see that there’s more that’s out there available, and they have these opportunities to be involved in the arts and in lots of different capacities,” she said. “They have dancing, they have stage management, they have fighting and they have acting. There are all different types of options for what you can do in the performing arts.”


Wallace said her students most enjoyed taking classes from faculty members because it allowed them to get advice from industry professionals.


“We came last year, and the kids loved it,” she said. “They enjoyed meeting new people, and they really enjoy seeing and hearing stories of people who have worked professionally.”


Kirsten Hutto, a junior at Choudrant High School, said she enjoyed the event because she was impressed with Tech’s theater curriculum as well as its faculty members.


“Overall, I think Tech has one of the greatest theater programs I’ve ever visited at a college,” Hutto said. “And it makes me want to come here even more because that’s what I’d like to major in. They’re really fun classes, and they seem to know a lot about what they’re doing.”


Davis said she hopes the students appreciate the smaller size and familiar atmosphere of Tech’s theater department.


“You’ve got those really big programs where you end up being a number instead of a name, and we’re kind of a smaller program that’s more family-like,” she said. “When I went to an event like this at a bigger school, I was a little overwhelmed. But I came here and saw it was so different, and I felt like I fit here more. And I think a lot of these students will feel that way as well.”


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