Tech student plans to open recording studio

March 22, 2012


Stanley Washington, a senior kinesiology major, is realizing his dream of opening a recording studio. He hopes to bridge the gap between his love for music and exercise–Photo by Grace Moore

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While many students fear graduation and what the future holds, Stanley Washington knows exactly what he wants to do.


Washington, a senior kinesiology major, decided a year and a half ago to pursue his dream: to open a recording studio.


“When I first came to school, I was just thinking about making money,” Washington said. “Then I thought, why not do what makes me happy?”


For Washington, happiness is equated with music and has been his whole life.


“I’ve wanted to perform all my life,” he said. “I was in choir all the time and also did many talent shows.”


Washington said he did talent shows to overcome his stage fright, something that doesn’t bother him anymore.


“I like R & B and hip-hop a lot,” he said. “I have 32 songs written and recorded right now.”


Washington writes his own music, and with his working knowledge of the ins and outs of music, the idea of opening a music studio came to him.


“A lot of people who start music studios don’t know music that well,” Washington said. “I feel like my background gives me a definite advantage.”


Washington’s vision for the studio is not a typical booth and studio setup.


“My dream is to turn my company into a resort where artists can record songs and also get in shape,” he said. “I want artists who come to be able to stay a month and work full time.”


The name of the studio is iRoc Entertainment, a name which Washington says is symbolic for the inner performer in all of us.


“I want the company to change a regular person into a rock star,” he said. “Everyone has a little rock star in them.”


While Washington had the vision for iRoc Entertainment, he is working closely with his business partner and friend, Holden Harris, of Ruston, to bring iRoc to life.


“I met Holden on Craigslist while looking for a band to join,” he said. “I told him I was thinking about starting iRoc.”


Harris is a singer and songwriter himself, and having worked with music from an early age, he was eager to help get iRoc jumpstarted.


“Stanley and I worked together for a while, and so we were ready to do something more serious with iRoc,” Harris said. “Stanley is a really talented singer and songwriter, and he has an idea behind him for vocal melodies.  I am good with the production part of the songs like laying beats and computerwork, so we work well together.”


iRoc is located in Harris’ house and currently is undergoing construction with paneling of the walls and setting up a booth for a projected opening date in May.


“We felt if we opened the studio here in Ruston, it would be a place for people in the Ruston and Grambling areas to exhibit their skills,” Washington said. “I want people to take advantage of it because there are so many people here with talent but have no outlet for it.”


Balancing school, working as a residential assistant in Pearce Hall and opening a record studio has not been an easy task for Washington, he said.


“My days consist of a lot of late nights and weekends,” he said. “I have to make a list of everything to get done that day.”


Washington said he hopes all the hard work pays off, especially considering he already has a few people working with iRoc.


“We want singers from all different types of genres to record with us,” he said. “iRoc will offer a cheaper alternative for singers over studios with more expensive fees.”


Washington is looking forward to the future of iRoc.


“In 10 years, I want to see iRoc producing major artists and helping generate some publicity for the people in this area,” he said. “I see iRoc as this huge facility a record label brings their artist to record, and I am really looking forward to it.”


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