Tech student chases dreams

June 29, 2012

Christian Stamps, a Tech student, is a rising star in the music industry. He just released his first hip-hop music video on YouTube. – Photo by Deepanjan Mukhopadhyay


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Many individuals search for fame, though perhaps they aim too high and bypass the smaller stepping-stones toward the same far-fetched future.


Christian Stamps, a junior economics major, is a self-made musical celebrity at Tech.


He initially performed with a rhythm and blues-sounding melody, then traversed down the rapping path and has been relatively successful in doing so.


“I’ve been doing more sensitive singer-songwriter music for a long time,” Stamps said. “Hip-hop music really gives me a chance to be blunt about things in a way that singing with a guitar doesn’t.”


Though personally I am not a vehement fan of rap music, I prefer it greatly to his earlier works. I think it took him a few years to find his niche, but he is surely there now, and comfortably no less.


His recent music produced under his artist name, Frat, can be accessed on the YouTube account, Official Frat. Of his four videos, he has tallied approximately 2,300 views with a majority of positive feedback. Whether or not the feedback is because of a genuine interest in his work, the allure of his relative fame in the area is undetermined.


June 8, Stamps released a music video starring several Tech students. For an amateur artist and film crew, the video was impressive. The cinematography was creative and very entertaining to watch.


The large amount of community support Stamps received will surely persuade him and his crew to produce another video.


The quality of the video and the quality of the song, however, were very different.


I think the small sensation that is Frat is not necessarily reflected in the depth and quality of his songs thus far. He is a talented artist, but of the millions of songs regarding women and alcohol, he falls into the category of excess. If he were to delve deeper into metaphoric lyrics or draw from a broader range of topics, like Lil’ Wayne style songs for example, I think he would be unstoppable; although, he said he has written some songs with a deeper topic.


“One of my songs is a thank you to my father for being present in my life,” Stamps said. “I have another that talks about women valuing themselves.”


He also said some of his inspiration stems from his love of partying, drinking and good-looking ladies.


The stereotypical interests of college students echoed in his recent pieces undermine his real talent as an artist. It seems he may be attempting to find his musical persona, though he said he is confident in who he is.


“I am not a rapper,” he said. “I’m bigger than rap, hip-hop or any genre. I play guitar, drums, keys and bass. I sing, I write and I rap. I’ve played every thing from metal to praise and worship. I am well exposed, well educated and well rounded and it shows in all of my music, no matter the genre.”


I think he has a great talent, and in time, I am confident he will broaden his topic base even further and strut boldly from his comfort zone.


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