Tech sports a stepping stone

June 30, 2016


Matt Valcho
Editor-In-Chief | mvv002@latech.edu

When the rumors of Greg Goff’s departure first appeared on my Twitter timeline, I started thinking about a rather sad truth Louisiana Tech fans must face on a regular basis.

That is, that our athletic department is just a stepping stone to bigger and better things.

There. I said it. Tech athletics is not a place where good things stay.

It’s a reality that Bulldog faithful do not like to admit, let alone think about. Tech is not a place that big name coaches come to build national title winning dynasties and it may never be.

Whenever we have extended success, bigger schools swoop in and poach those responsible for it.

Just look at Goff. He took Bulldog baseball, to heights not seen since the late 80s, and in a matter of days after the season ended, he was on his was to Tuscaloosa and the Alabama Crimson Tide. The same happened to Michael White and the men’s basketball program.

Four great years, including three trips to the National Invitational Tournament and multiple conference title wins, and he found himself on his way to Gainesville, Florida, to be the head coach of the Gators.

Tech is a place that hires bright newcomers and gives fallen coaches a chance to rebound.

Unfortunately, there is very little Tech fans could do to fight this. Sure, boosters can always give more money and salaries can always rise, but more resources and larger fan bases always will make the grass seem greener on the other side.

Of course, there is the occasional outlier who loves where they are and won’t jump ship, but those are few and far between.

Tech coaches Eric Konkol, Skip Holtz, Brooke Stoehr or Lane Burroughs? Only time will tell who will be the next coach to be plucked from Ruston.

The best fans can do is learn to appreciate the great minds Tech finds for the short time they work in Ruston.

Matt Valcho is a senior journalism major from Benton who serves as editor for The Tech Talk.


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