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February 19, 2018


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The 2018 Who’s Who recipients were honored at a banquet hosted by the SGA Feb. 1. – Photo by Madison Wooley


Twenty Louisiana Tech seniors were awarded for their academic achievements and dedication to the university as they were recognized as the 2018 Who’s Who recipients.


Who’s Who is a nationally recognized honor awarded to college seniors who proven to be dedicated and committed to their universities throughout their college careers.


Summer Carney, the Student Government Association’s director of academic affairs, said 49 seniors applied for the honor this year, and the top 20 were selected by a panel of faculty judges. She said the recognition not only benefits the students right now, but also continues to do so in the future.


“It’s a tremendous honor that could help them with whatever future endeavors their life may hold, and these students can directly credit their college experience for getting this honor that very well could help them land their dream job,” she said. “If students are able to credit Who’s Who and their experience at Tech for their success, then it helps inspire other students to get involved and makes those students who are successful want to give back to their University, shining a light on Tech and showing people around the country how great our school truly is.”


Carney, a junior elementary education major, said she encourages all eligible seniors to apply for the recognition next year.


“Many people think Who’s Who is just another popularity contest; that is not at all what it is,” she said. “It is for anyone who has shown dedication, commitment and leadership throughout their time here at Tech. So for anyone who is interested in applying next year, go for it. You never know where it could take you.”


The 2018 recipients are: Alli Tran, Anna Blake, Annie Carlisle, Ben Rice, Caleb White, Camille Savoie, Caroline Fontenot, Catherine Shaw, Courtney Geroux, Libbi Lange, Jenna Price, Kaitlyn Flieg, Kimberly Davison, Margaret LeBrun, Marlie Giardinia, Payton Mangham, Rachel Smelley, Sarah Head, Sarah Minter and Susan Fults.


Blake, a senior kinesiology major, said she has looked forward to applying for Who’s Who since her freshman year.


“I remember hearing about Who’s Who my freshman year and thinking that was something I would probably never receive and always being in awe of those people who did, so to actually be a part of it this year is so special to me,” she said.


Blake said she enjoyed the interview process because it gave her the opportunity to share her experience at Tech and how her time here has shaped her life.


“Tech has 100 percent made me into the person I am today, so to be able to convey that wasn’t hard,” she said. “I love being able to talk about my experiences at Tech any chance I get.”


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