Tech presents ‘Sleeping Beauty’

February 4, 2016


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The Louisiana Tech theatre department latest production promised audience members would have a “magical” time. “Sleeping Beauty” opened Jan 26 and ran through Jan. 31 in Howard auditorium.


Cameron Harmeyer, a freshman computer science major who played a henchman, said the play has the children’s story for the kids, but it also has a few extra aspects to reach adults that may surprise the audience.


“I feel like those who come see will very much enjoy, it’s fun for all ages,” Harmeyer said.


He said he thinks the students will love the show, especially for the humor.

Prince Charming, played by Johnny Marley, goes in to kiss Princess Aurora, played by Emmie Lancon–Photo by Ashley Kober

Prince Charming, played by Johnny Marley, goes in to kiss Princess Aurora, played by Emmie Lancon–Photo by Ashley Kober


“For the students you’re going to get some innuendo and it’s going to pretty funny,” Harmeyer said.


He said when doing the show he was a little nervous but it was so great waiting for his first entrance to come, and it was relieving and accomplishing to be done and get ready for the next scene. He also said the theatre department’s production of Sleeping Beauty is more based on the traditional fairytale than the 1959 Disney film.


Olivia Willcox, a sophomore theatre major who plays a fairy, said the cast put in long hours in making the production come together and that during the long hours the cast became close which helped make a better play.


“Since we allowed the community to come in, we’ve also met people through there and of course all the little kids, they’ve been a blast to work with,” Willcox said.


She said the kids of the community would make crafts for the cast which made the play even more fun. She also said the audience can expect an entertaining night full of laughs.


“I think it will definitely bring laughter because even though it’s a children’s show, it has a lot of our age’s humor,” Willcox said.


Willcox said she and her cast mates have heard the jokes several times and still laugh.


“I thought it was great, especially being that it was at Tech and not a big theater or anything; they really put on a show,” Nia Johnson, a graduate student accounting major, said.


Johnson said she has not attended many productions at Tech, but from what she has seen this may be one of the best ones. She said she enjoyed herself and may come back another night with a friend to see the play again.


“It was actually comical, I thought it would be more of a Disney type of production but it was nice and professional,” Johnson said.


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