Tech partner teams with NBA to help kids in after school program

January 12, 2017


Morgan Bernard
Staff Reporter | mrb056@latech.edu



The Louisiana Center for Afterschool Learning (LACAL) has announced an expansion in its FunMath curriculum that includes a partnership with the National Basketball Association.



Andrew Ganacheau, director of LACAL and a partner with Tech’s SciTEC center, said this curriculum was created last spring as a way to better enhance learning opportunities within Louisiana’s afterschool programs.



“This partnership will make a better learning atmosphere for the students,” he said. “It will also be a more fun and interactive way of learning.”



Ganacheau said the curriculum consists of four concepts: sense of fascination and discovery, availability of choice, appealing to multiple senses, and appearance of participation.



“These topics are important for the students to learn for school as well as everyday life,” he said. “Our program is meant to help children improve on their social skills along with their basic school learning.”



Ganacheau said this partnership will be LACAL’s first with the NBA, and it is also the first expansion of the FunMath curriculum.



“The NBA Math Hoops program is essentially a fast-paced basketball board game,” he said. “This program will help children by using games that allow them to learn fundamental math skills through engagement with statistics of their favorite NBA and WNBA players. It makes learning fun for children, and has proven to show improvements in basic math skills, understanding statistics and interpersonal skills.”



Don Schillinger, dean of the College of Education, said he is a fan of LACAL and is always impressed by its work.



“The team at LACAL are amazing at what they do,” he said. “Our college is honored to work with them through SciTEC, and we look forward to seeing the success in their new partnership.”



Lindsey Keith-Vincent, the director of the College of Education’s SciTEC, said the SciTEC center works as a fiscal agent for LACAL and enjoys working with the organization.



“We always appreciate the opportunities to partner with LACAL, Andrew and the rest of their leadership team,” she said. “We in the College of Education at SciTEC are grateful to partner with the stellar LACAL leadership team to ensure that afterschool education is understood, valued and effectively used to serve students across our state.”



Keith-Vincent said SciTEC loved the idea of the FunMath curriculum and she and the SciTEC are looking forward to see what its new partnerships hold.



“The partnership with LACAL and the NBA is so exciting,” Keith-Vincent said. “The collaboration is an amazing opportunity for professional after school providers to use engaging, amusing and relevant material to entertain and simultaneously educate students in the STEM disciplines. This unique partnership is just one example of the outstanding and creative work the leadership of LACAL is doing to help young people in our communities and our state.”


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