Tech nutrition program offers online value

July 11, 2014

Ray Patterson

Louisiana Tech University’s nutrition program now boasts the second most affordable online degree program in the country according to OnlineU.org.
OnlineU is a free online resource that aims to empower all Americans to go to college while lowering the overall cost of earning a degree.



“We really wanted to change the way people talk about college and get students (and colleges) to focus on affordability and quality,” said Kimberly Wetter, Marketing Manager for OnlineU.

OnlineU is the non-profit website of SR Education Group, a longtime leader in online education publishing.

Amy Yates, director of human ecology at Louisiana Tech, said, “We made it online to suit our students so that they can complete the internships, go get jobs and get their masters degrees.”

College tuition has increased dramatically since 1986.
According to Gordon Wadsworth, author of The College Trap, “If the cost of college was $10,000 in 1986, it would now cost the same student over $21,500 if education had increased as much as the average inflation rate but instead education is $59,800 or over two and a half times the inflation rate.”

OnlineU seeks to help people accomplish their education goals in a financially responsible manner according to Wetter.
Wetter said that online education is the first time that colleges can participate in a competitive market due to location not being a factor to potential students.



“It’s our hope that this leads to lower prices and high quality as colleges try to make themselves more attractive to new potential online students,” Wetter said.

According to OnlineU.org, Louisiana Tech was recognized as offering the second most affordable online nutrition degree out of 141 colleges that offer an annual tuition of less than $10,000.

“Nutrition is a very popular online degree,” Wetter said. “Our page for Louisiana Tech on OnlineU makes sure to promote their high graduation rate and low net price. Louisiana Tech only offers 11 (online) degrees, but as they expand their online programs, we’ll expand their visibility on OnlineU if they continue to show a commitment to affordable tuition costs.”

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