Tech introduces ‘Before I Graduate’ wall

June 30, 2017


Members of Tech’s Leadership Council (TLC) pose in front of Tech’s new “Before I Graduate” Wall, a new chalkboard wall located in Tolliver Hall where students can write down their personal goals they plan to achieve before graduation. – Photo by Morgan Bernard

Morgan Bernard
Staff Reporter | mrb056latech.edu


Louisiana Tech, like other universities, has many unique traditions and trademarks on its campus. On April 18, yet another tradition was added to Tech’s campus with the help of the Tech Leadership Council (TLC).


The Before I Graduate wall is a new chalkboard wall located in Tolliver Hall where students can write down their personal goals they plan to achieve before graduation.


Riley Luttgeharm, an assistant director of TLC, said the organization makes a point to have at least one project that impacts the university every year.


“The world map in the back of Tolliver is a TLC project from 2013,” Luttgeharm said. “That map is now a part of every campus tour for incoming students. I think the Before I Graduate wall has the same potential, and I expect similar projects that will benefit the university in the future.”


Luttgeharm, a sophomore electrical engineering major, said he believes the new addition to campus is a great way for the Tech community to come together.


“I think it is a very unique opportunity for everyone to express what they really care about and tell the world why they are here,” he said. “It is also a great equalizer. We all have hopes and dreams, and this is a healthy way to voice them.”


He said this new tradition will be inspiring to faculty and visitors of the university as well as its attending students.


“I believe the faculty will enjoy glancing at the wall,” Luttgeharm said. “It can also be a good tour destination. To show visitors that you really can make your mark on this school if you so choose.”


Kennedy Conlee, a freshman mechanical engineering major, said the new addition to Tech seemed to be a quick success.


“There is not much space left for writing already so it looks to be doing pretty well,” Conlee said. “A lot of students seemed excited to see it and add their own goals to it, so I think it was a really good idea.”


Holly Hargis, a freshman biology major, said she liked the idea of the wall and sees it as a great way for students to interact.


“My friends and I enjoy reading other students’ goals and seeing what we have in common with them,” she said. “It is also a fun way to make new friends by starting up a conversation with someone else who is admiring the wall or adding onto it.”


Hargis said she believes many students will enjoy the Before I Graduate board and hopes it will become well-known like other traditions at Tech.


“I think it is a more unique tradition because it is something that we all can contribute to in our own way,” she said. ““It is fun and new to campus, and I think it is something that will stay popular in years to come.”


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