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September 19, 2014




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The 2014 fall freshmen class at Louisiana Tech is one of the largest in the school’s history, with a 19.4 percent from last year. 


Pamela Ford, the dean of enrollment management, said she could not be any more pleased with this fall’s enrollment statistics. 


“This university is on a roll,” she said. “The momentum and positive energy not just from this freshmen class, but from our administration is through the roof.” 


According to the Office of Institutional Research, this is the second year Tech’s freshman fall enrollment has increased by nearly 20 percent.


Ford also said on Saturday the university will have its largest attendance of Time Out For Tech, an event to recruit prospective students. 


“Being recognized nationally, having the No.1 statewide post-graduation salary, having the lowest college student debt in the state, and recently being ranked a Tier 1 university by US News and World Report all play into the reason for the sudden enrollment increase,” Ford said. 


According to Tech news services, the number of incoming freshman with a total of 1,853, out of the 11,271 students currently enrolled.


“Campus visits are key,” she said. “What really draws students here is the Tech family. Students can get a private school education experience at a public school price.”


The Tech family is what convinced freshman kinesiology major Alexx Brame to leave her hometown of Houston, Texas.


“What got me hooked on Tech is the really friendly, homey vibe it gave off. Admissions really helped me see that everything I needed was right here,” she said. 


Tech President Les Guice has a goal of 2,000 freshmen and 15,000 total enrollment anually by the year 2020. Sam Speed, the assistant dean of student life, feels that the current improvements Tech is making helps align with this goal. 


“Tech is in a good position and has a lot to offer students. We have weathered several storms and come out on the positive side,” Speed said. “Students are realizing that they can create their own legacy and be prepared for the future with the help of this university.”


Pamela Ford is completely confident as well in achieving the president’s goal.


“I am totally on board to make this happen.” she said. “I was a business major in college and know what it takes to accomplish this goal, and Tech is definitely on the right track.” 


“The incredible energy with Tech’s recruiting staff has put Tech where it is today and will continue to successfully help the university grow,” Ford said.


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