Tech edged out by in-state rival

March 29, 2018


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The Louisiana Tech women’s tennis team brought ULM down to the wire in a heated match March 13, but eventually wilted under the intense play of the Warhawks.


After coming out victorious in the doubles matches with victories from the duos of Sonia Chen/Claudia Oravcova and Nadja Manjon/Angela Lorenzo, the Lady Techsters and Warhawks took part in some highly competitive and intense singles battles.


Tech started singles off with a (2-6,1-6) loss from freshman Karla De La Luz, followed by a (6-1, 6-1) win by the reliable junior Sonia Chen.


ULM then tied the match up at 2-2 with a win over Tech freshman Andrea Perez-Lopez. The next match to end was one that got particularly heated, between Tech sophomore Nadja Manjon and ULM sophomore Karolina Snita. Manjon and Snita bickered over a couple of questionable calls regarding whether one of their returns was in or out.


The animosity hit a boiling point when one of Snita’s teammates seemed to tell Tech’s Manjon that she was cheating, after Manjon called a ball out that ULM did not agree with. There was some back and forth between the players before Tech’s head coach, Amanda Stone, conferred with the players and decided to place one of ULM’s resting players as an official to make sure the calls were accurate, because the game’s sole official was busy officiating other matches.


Head coach Stone said she did not want to get into the animosity of the game too much but did give a quick remark about the questionable calls regarding the match between Manjon and Snita.


“It’s a rivalry,” Stone said. “You know sometimes when that happens, people think balls are in or out so maybe nobody’s in the wrong; it just gets so heated.”


Snita stood victorious at the end of the match, defeating Manjon by a score of 1-6, 4-6.


Following the drama from that match, Tech trailed 3-2, with Tech freshman Claudia Oravcova tied 1-1 sets with ULM freshman Teadora Radu, battling it out in a do-or-die match.


Radu built a 5-4 lead over Oravcova with match point coming up, and it seemed as if Tech was doomed, but Oravcova fought back with her back against the wall to win three straight sets and take the victory away from Radu.


“Claudia had an incredible match today,” Stone said. “She came through big on her courts. She’s played really good tennis but she has struggled finishing her matches, and today when we really needed her, it came down to basically just gutting it out. Both players were tired but she just refused to go down, so I was really proud of her today.”


Oravcova’s win tied it up 3-3, with a final tie-breaking match ahead.


Tech’s final match was between Tech senior Angela Lorenzo and ULM senior Karolina Silwanowicz. Lorenzo was playing just her third match since coming off of a leg injury, and fatigue set in after she got off to a lead, winning her first set 6-3 but allowing Silwanowicz to fight back from behind in the second set and squeak by 6-7.


With sets tied 1-1, Lorenzo was outdueled 1-6 in the final set to give ULM the 4-3 victory over Tech.


“(Lorenzo) is still getting back in shape,” Stone said. “But she gives us everything she has. She’s a fighter, and when she’s 100 percent I’d bet on her. If she was 100 percent, I’d say we would’ve won today.”


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