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March 29, 2012


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There is a new feature at Tech that will catch your eye, and unlike most new additions to campus, this one was free.


Campus maintenance recently decided to purchase soap from a different company that offered free customized dispensers. Blue soap dispensers embellished with the Tech logo now decorate the restrooms in Keeny Hall where old, white dispensers once were.


Custodial manager Ricky Thomas said the new provider, Buckeye, offered the dispensers and a longer-lasting soap product.


“We were using a lot of soap,” he said. “A longer-lasting product puts money to better use.”


Before the change to Buckeye’s product, Tech purchased its soap from GoJo.


Thomas said the GoJo product only lasted for approximately a month and a half. Contrarily, when maintenance tested the Buckeye product, they found it lasted two and a half months and accepted the deal.


He suggested the soap lasts longer because it is thicker and thus encourages people to use less.


Fear not, the soap is still anti-bacterial.


Buckeye’s longer-lasting soap and custom dispensers will come at no additional cost to Tech and its student body.


In fact, the dispensers will cost nothing at all.


Buckeye’s product is cheaper than the previous GoJo product and will save Tech up to $400 per month.


Tech will save close to the equivalent of one student’s yearly tuition of approximately $5,500.


“This was a good move,” Thomas said. “Now the students’ money can be put to better use and we have a soap that works.”


Tech students will soon see more of the shiny, blue boxes in restrooms throughout campus.


Thomas said maintenance is in the process of replacing all of the old dispensers on campus.


The dispensers have been fully installed in A.E. Phillips Laboratory School, Keeny Hall, University Hall, Tech Pointe and Davison Hall. Once all of the soap in the old dispensers has been used, the rest of the new dispensers will be installed.


Shelby Blackstock, a junior family and child studies major, works in the Comptroller Office in Keeny and quickly noticed the dispensers.


“I noticed the new dispensers on Friday,” she said. “I think they are definitely prettier and they catch your eye when you’re washing your hands.”


Blackstock said she had spoken with other people who noticed the dispensers in Keeny, and said they were upset because they thought the dispensers were a product of frivolous spending.


Preston Johnson, a sophomore mechanical engineering major, said he is relieved that new dispensers are finally being installed.


He said there are some restrooms on campus missing dispensers and sometimes the only dispenser left is empty.


Johnson also said he is glad the new dispensers and soap will save Tech money.


“I don’t expect tuition to go down or anything,” he said with a chuckle. “It is good to know that money can be allocated elsewhere.”


These innovative soap dispensers are not just monetarily responsible or aesthetically pleasing; they are Tech’s favorite four-letter word—free.


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