Tech campus No. 1 in college ministries

October 11, 2014

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According to OrgSync, with 14 religious organizations, Louisiana Tech is No. 1 out of the nine universities in the University of Louisiana System with the most campus ministries.


Tech students often talk about why they depend heavily on worship and church services throughout the week.


Casey Casady, college minister at Temple Baptist, said campus ministry is important because the college years are some of the most pivotal in a person’s life.


Some ministry organizations available to Tech students include: Association of Baptist Students, Association of Catholic Tech Students, Baptist Collegiate Ministry, Wesley Methodist Foundation, Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship, Campus Ministry International and Temple Tech.

Tech students pray during weekly worship service at the Baptist Collegiate Ministries–Photo by Brian Blakley

Tech students pray during weekly worship service at the Baptist Collegiate Ministries –Photo by Brian Blakley


“Decisions are made in college that influence a person or their family for generations; a student’s faith inspires them to change themselves, the country and world for the glory of God,” Casady said. “It is beneficial for Tech to offer a large number of campus ministries to the students because the more ministries, the more ministry.”


Caitlyn Hendricks attends MidWeek services at Temple Baptist and said it helps her remain focused when her schedule becomes chaotic and overwhelming.


“The fact that we are able to attend worship services in the middle of the week offers a hand in pushing us and supporting us to finish the week strong,” said Hendricks, a senior family and child studies major.


Throughout the week, Tech students are offered countless opportunities to worship with the religious organizations of their choice.


Two of these services are 56 Worship at the BCM and XA Live worship with Chi Alpha.


Spencer Morris said  the BCM has meant a lot to him since starting his college career at Tech.


“It gave me somewhere to be plugged in, especially as a freshman,” said Morris, a sophomore secondary education major. “It helped me find people I can build friendships with and grow with and people to be there for me through the sad times and happy times.”


Kailey Nash, a sophomore kinesiology major, attends XA Live throughout the week because it is a place where she feels most connected to God and where she can worship him wholeheartedly.


“Tech having the most ministries allows students to find a place where they can fit in, are loved and can fulfill God’s purpose for their life,” Nash said.


Shelby Olivier said she is grateful to attend a university where there is no spiritual warfare and she can live out and express her beliefs freely.


“As a college student there are so many paths a person can choose,” said Olivier, a sophomore English education major. “The Wesley has helped me chose the right path toward God and also provides me with opportunities to be am active member in the community.”


With increasing enrollment number of Tech students and  with the growing participation in campus ministries, Tech is sure to see many numbers in the future of religious organizations and maintain its title of having the most campus ministries.


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