Tech announces official opening of Tech Pointe

March 29, 2012


Staff Reporter


After more than one year of construction and approximately $8 million, Tech will finally be able to support different high tech companies through Tech Pointe.


Les Guice, vice president for research and development, said Tech Pointe is expected to officially open by April. The building was designed as a multi-tenant facility to generate the support for 24/7 high tech companies.


“The Enterprise Campus was created as an extension of the main campus and will serve as a home for high tech companies anticipating the strength of Tech’s administration and research,” he said.


Guice said Tech Pointe is the beginning of the university’s research park with the collaboration of private and government entities.


“Tech Pointe is the first building in the Enterprise Campus, which will help enhance strong research partnerships with our partner companies.”


Tech Pointe is a 42,000- square foot, three-story building with adequate conference spaces including meeting rooms, break rooms, exercise rooms and several other facilities to accommodate incoming companies.


Companies including Fenway Group, Beyond Vision, Air Force funded Cyber Research Lab have already started their research projects in Tech Pointe. More companies are expected in the future.


“Radiance Technologies and the Cyber Innovation Center will be here next week,” Guice said. “Many companies are interested to collaborate with Tech’s innovative technological research project.”


Martin Santora, president of Fenway Group, said there is great potential in terms of research and inventions through the interaction with faculty members along with the direct involvement of students.


“The entrepreneurial nature of the university brought us over here to work with faculty members and students,” he said. “Students are very excited about our mentoring program that we had implemented here.”


Josh Fuller, a sophomore computer information systems major, said students having access to a study-related job nearby campus prior to graduation will be able to build good resumes and increase the probability of getting a job.


“Most people want you to have years of experience before they hire you, even with the college degree,” he said. “Through Fenway’s mentoring program, I am getting experience toward my field of study right here next to the campus.”


Santora said after a student graduates, they will be able to either stay with Fenway or apply elsewhere with gained experience in the actual world.


“The biggest thing after getting out of college is finding a job,” he said. “We are providing a bridge between theoretical-classroom and practical which will enhance their skill sets.”


Guice said the idea behind the Enterprise Campus is broader concept that it will help to rebuild our economy. It will bring new jobs to our community, strengthen our tax base as well as create demand for housing and other business.


“We are not there to just rent the space,” he said. “We are there to create jobs collaborating with private companies and government agencies.”


Guice said new discoveries start with high quality research and Tech has always been innovative.


“Our faculty and students have become so innovative and so entrepreneurial while accelerating science and technology,” he said. “They really are a model to our whole state and region.”


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4 Responses to Tech announces official opening of Tech Pointe

  1. Linza Reply

    March 30, 2012 at 12:46 pm

    Oh man. I absolutely love to see when universities give up their own autonomy to cater to private corporations. It’s inevitable when institutions are guided by half-baked market ideology and see themselves as ‘service providers.’


  2. JT Reply

    April 9, 2012 at 2:29 pm

    Universities don’t operate in a vacuum and like to be able to produce marketable graduates who can eventually donate to their alma mater and contribute to society. Students seek lucrative employment opportunities. Employers week qualified candidates. Looks like likely win-win-win.

  3. Scott Reply

    April 10, 2012 at 2:17 pm

    By increasing the effectiveness of its students, Louisiana Tech earns reputation whenever their students make their mark in the corporate world.

    If anything, Louisiana Tech gains from this partnership. Most undergraduates are looking for careers with private corporations, so a partnership would seem beneficial for both parties.

  4. Stephan Reply

    April 10, 2012 at 2:54 pm

    One of the hardest things for a student to do in this economy is find a job after graduation. With budgets tight, companies seek to hire the most qualified person they possibly can; so when it comes down to hiring a fresh graduate or someone with 3+ years of experience, the student is pushed aside. Tech Pointe and the businesses that do/will reside there seek to provide opportunities to us students. The business gets to train an employee they would want to hire, the student gets a job when s/he graduates, and the university gets better enrollment due to the availability of such opportunities. This is in every way a step in the right direction.

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